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jkovac@macon.comMarch 22, 2014 

The fellow said he’d invited the young woman to his motel room to give him a massage March 15. She’d been there with him at the Magnolia Court Motel in south Macon for half an hour or so when there was a knock at the door. The man, 45, told a Bibb County sheriff’s deputy that when he opened the door, a guy in jeans and a T-shirt stuck a revolver in his face and said, “Give it up, cracker!” The man who’d ordered the massage, according to the deputy’s report of the midnight-hour episode, grabbed “a large sword” he kept in the room. The gunman backed up and ran outside. The young woman bolted, too. She hopped in the car with the gunman and they took off down Houston Road. The deputy noted that when he arrived, the motel guest started receiving text messages, about a dozen in all, from the young woman’s phone. One message said they were “coming back to kill” the sword wielder, that he should “enjoy breathing while you can.”

The eatery’s ketchup dispenser missed its intended target, a cashier, and banged into a cake plate. The man who heaved it, the cashier’s boyfriend, was mad at her for some reason, according to a Bibb deputy’s report. A few weeks later, the boyfriend, who has since been banned from the American Faves & Mo restaurant, was back at the Vineville Avenue establishment, dropping off the girlfriend. They “stood in the parking lot kissing,” the deputy’s March 16 report said.

A man who lives just south of Eisenhower Parkway on Pershing Avenue went over to a neighbor’s house on the evening of March 11. According to a Bibb deputy’s incident report, the man went to ask the neighbor to stop speeding on their street, which runs west of Log Cabin Drive. When the complaining man asked his neighbor to slow down, six men “surrounded him,” the report said, and “one of them sucker punched him from behind in the side of his head … and asked him if he was looking for some problems.” The complaining neighbor said he wasn’t and then left to call the cops. The men weren’t there when the deputy arrived, but according to the deputy’s report, one of them goes by the nickname “Tootsie.”

A Bibb deputy was sent to unravel a domestic disturbance. The deputy’s report of the March 14 matter noted that he arrived at a food mart in the 3900 block of Houston Avenue to find a 19-year-old woman “jumping around and screaming.” A 42-year-old man was telling her, “You gonna give me my money back.” The woman, between yells, said she didn’t know the guy, just that “he tried to holla at her” the day before. The deputy told her to hush while he sorted out what was going on. Then the man started hollering and the deputy told him to hush, too. That’s when the 19-year-old started pulling cash from her bra, money she said her grandma had given her. The man said he met the teen the previous day, that they’d exchanged numbers and that she’d texted him, “What’s up?” Then, he said, he picked her up in Pendleton Homes and drove her to his house. They sat on his bed, but she got up, went over to his dresser, opened his wallet and took $53, “placing it in her bra,” the deputy’s report noted. When the man asked what she was doing, “she pretended to have got a text about her child who has some kind of breathing problem” and ran away. The man caught up with her at the Houston Avenue food mart. When the deputy spoke to the woman again, she said, “OK, look, I was at his house. … Am I going to jail?” The deputy told her she was and she hollered, “OK, I’ll give him back his money!” She was handcuffed and the deputy drove her to her apartment to check on her three children. While there, she repeatedly banged on the squad car window while the deputy kept an eye on her kids. Before anyone came to tend to them, an 18-year-old man walked up and “pushed a bike toward” the deputy. For whatever reason, the teen reportedly tried to ram his way past the lawman. He was arrested on an obstruction charge. The woman was charged with robbery by sudden snatching.

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