AC Pup: Mickey’s story has a happy ending

March 21, 2014 

John and Deborah Dees pose with Mickey after he was found.


I love to tell happy stories. I love stories of homeless pets adopted by incredible families. I love stories of caring people who recognize an animal in need and take action to help. And I especially love stories about pets that were lost but later found by families frantically searching for them.

When a story has all three of those elements combined, it just has to be told. In fact, I became giddy with excitement to share this story with you. It’s not only amazing, but it also shows we’re all connected in our ability to help someone else.

Mickey, a sweet German shorthaired pointer belonging to Mr. and Mrs. John Dees, decided on a recent Wednesday to go on an adventure from his home in Lizella. He had never left home before in his entire life, so naturally his parents were sick with worry. What compounded their worry was that Mickey had slipped his collar that had his identification and contact information on it.

Mr. John and Miss Deborah followed all the right steps to alert everyone that Mickey was missing. They posted his picture on Facebook, pleading for help in looking for him. They told all their friends and neighbors. They did everything they could think of.

They conducted numerous searches for Mickey, but he was nowhere to be found. Days turned into weeks with no sign of Mickey. The Deeses were broken hearted and concerned for Mickey’s safety.

Enter the congregation at Rogers United Methodist Church on Ga. 74 some distance from Lizella. They noticed a beautiful, friendly dog hanging around the church for a few days. They are a kind, animal-loving congregation and were concerned for the dog.

Miss Beth Davenport, one of the church members, contacted Miss Suzanne Rozar. You may remember Miss Suzanne from a few years ago when she and her husband adopted the famous “Tree Kitty” that was stuck about 60 feet in a pine tree for days until his dramatic rescue.

Miss Suzanne took the dog that had been at Miss Beth’s church into her home in Monroe County. Miss Suzanne wanted to find the dog’s family and contacted my Aunt Patti Jones to see if she had heard of anyone missing this dog.

As it turned out, Aunt Patti had seen Mr. John Dees’ post on Facebook about Mickey, his missing dog from Lizella. She immediately called Mr. John to see if, by chance, this might be his dog missing for almost two weeks, although it was quite a distance from where he was lost.

After describing the dog’s unique markings, it was thought this truly might be Mr. John’s dog. Mr. John and Miss Deborah traveled to Monroe County to see for themselves if this was Mickey.

As soon as the dog saw their truck, he knew it was his parents and bolted to greet them. It was indeed Mickey.

This happy story, with the unlikely connection among all the people who played a part in Mickey’s rescue, highlights how powerful taking action to help others can be.

Be encouraged if you’re searching for a missing pet. There may be people you don’t even know helping you.

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