Carter videos tout Mercer University’s highlights

Staff reportMarch 17, 2014 

Former President Jimmy Carter Featured in Series of Videos Highlighting Mercer University

If you’re looking for VIPs to help market your university, you could do a lot worse than a former president of the United States.

Former President Jimmy Carter, who joined Mercer University’s board of trustees in 2012, has recorded a series of short videos that highlight some of the university’s major distinctions.

The video series, titled “Jimmy Carter on Mercer,” was recorded in December and features the 39th president talking about Mercer’s heritage, according to a statement from the school.

Carter also highlights some of the institution’s signature programs, such as Mercer On Mission, an initiative that combines study abroad and service learning.

Mercer’s board of trustees is the only board Carter has served on, other than the Carter Center’s board of trustees, since leaving office. He is believed to be the first former president in modern times to serve on a university’s governing board.

In one of the videos, Carter, who served as Georgia’s governor before being elected president, talks about the process that began while he was the state’s chief executive to establish a medical school at Mercer.

“I’ve been looking at what goes on at Mercer University for a number of years,” Carter said in the statement. “Mercer is preserving -- better than any institution I’ve ever known -- the basic principles of the Christian faith that bind a lot of us together. I felt I would serve not only Mercer, but myself and the people whom I care for in my state, nation and world if I helped as a trustee. I am very grateful for this honor.”

Mercer President William D. Underwood said in the statement, “We are deeply grateful to President Carter for taking the time to record these videos. Over the years, President Carter has become a passionate advocate for the contributions that Mercer makes to higher education and to the communities around the world where our graduates live and serve.”

All six videos in the series can be viewed at

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