The Cop Shop: A Weekly Crime Blotter

jkovac@macon.comMarch 15, 2014 

About 7:30 p.m. on March 7, a 54-year-old Walnut Street man told Bibb County sheriff’s Deputy Wesley Durbin that a guy jumped him and socked him in the lip near Madison Street. The man led Durbin to the guy at a house nearby. The guy, 38, informed the deputy that the older man had “asked for a drink of his beer,” Durbin’s report said. Durbin was told that when the younger man didn’t let the older fellow have a sip, the older man pulled a knife. Durbin noticed that both men “were very intoxicated.” The younger man was jailed because he had outstanding warrants. The 54-year-old, who had a small knife in his pocket, was locked up on a disorderly conduct charge.

A mumbling man toting an aluminum baseball bat walked into Macon’s Washington Memorial Library in mid-January. Though he didn’t threaten anyone, he later complained to Bibb Deputy Jimmy Culver that a librarian was “making faces at him.” The librarian said the bat-carrying patron, 62, had scoffed at her, saying, “You ain’t worth a bowl of grits.” Culver, according to his write-up of the incident, took the man’s bat and asked him to leave, which the man did. But not before voluntarily surrendering his library card and telling the deputy, “You can keep the bat and have my card, because I’m sick and tired of this library.”

A Macon woman called authorities March 7 to report an unusual text message she received. She’d gotten the text shortly before noon from a number she didn’t recognize. The message read: “I hid the body behind the shed in Twiggs County behind Davids house!! Meet me00 at the Waffle House on Spring St gotta get rid of evidence by tomorrow.” The woman told Bibb Deputy Joshua Jones that she texted the number to see what was up, but no one replied.

Shortly before 1 a.m. on March 9, Bibb Deputy Hunter Yaughn was sent to check on a domestic dispute in the 1800 block of Walnut Street. A man and a woman, both in their late 40s, had been playing pool, drinking, fussing and fighting, Yaughn’s report said. The man said the woman “got angry with him during the argument and hit him in the mouth with a pool ball and tried to strike him with a pool cue.” The man said they got into another argument later and the woman bit his stomach. Yaughn noted that the man “had injuries that matched what he said happened, including busted lips and a bad bite mark that was bleeding slightly on his left flank.” The woman was jailed on a battery charge.

A Houston Avenue man said someone broke into his apartment March 7. The resident, 33, told Bibb Deputy Gregory Ussery that someone had apparently slipped in through a rear window. When the man arrived home, he said the window was up and the back door was unlocked. The man said two of his pictures were missing, stolen off a wall. The man said he’d heard that a guy had been going around the neighborhood trying to sell the two pictures. One was a picture of a truck. The other was a picture of Jesus.

Some people on Poplar Street reported seeing a man urinating on the sidewalk March 7. Bibb Deputy Amanda Baker’s write-up of the 5:30 p.m. incident said the man was using the bathroom “in front of citizens and kids.” Baker found the suspect, 58, a few blocks away at Second and Plum streets. He was drinking malt liquor. Baker charged him with indecent exposure and public drunkenness and took him to jail.

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