March 12, 2014 

French, Harmonie Grace, born Feb. 2 to Anjelica Dugas and Rodney French of Warner Robins.

Hunter, Aiden Isaiah, born Feb. 3 to Airieona Smith and Bertrail Hunter Jr. of Warner Robins.

Murray, K’Lon Deshon, born Feb. 3 to Ritasha Ogburn and Christopher Murray of Reynolds.

Addison, Makayla Renee, born Feb. 4 to LaToya Addison of Warner Robins.

Johnson, Ariel Imari, born Feb. 4 to Ashley Fountain and Justin Johnson of Warner Robins.

McEntire, Cason Michael Aaron, born Feb. 4 to Eric and Nicole (Looper) McEntire of Warner Robins.

Presley, Aniyah Lynn, born Feb. 4 to Ashley Prator and Walter Presley III of Warner Robins.

Davis, Ke’Naiyia Sharneise and Ke’Maiyia Denise, twins born Feb. 5 to Roderick and Sharita Davis of Warner Robins.

Mendiola, Athison, born Feb. 5 to Jessica Ashcroft and Jonathan Mendiola of Warner Robins.

Washington, Noah Eason, born Feb. 5 to Jeffery and Shambrea (Robinson) Washington of Bonaire.

Bargie, Kamira Renee, born Feb. 6 to Kamita Bargie and Ernest Stanley of Warner Robins.

Edwards, Devyn Janay and Dion Janelle, twins born Feb. 6 to Jahmil and Tanyce (Lucas) Edwards of Warner Robins.

Fenton, Colin Michael, born Feb. 6 to Jessica Lucas and Jordan Fenton of Cochran.

Harrell, Ayden Keyshawn, born Feb. 6 to Alexis Turner and Avery Harrell of Warner Robins.

Milline, Ashton Jamar, born Feb. 6 to Ashley Milline of Warner Robins.

Peacock, Carson Wyatt, born Feb. 6 to Rob and Jennifer (Turpin) Peacock of Eastman.

Sanders, Khalid Terell, born Feb. 6 to Erica Zanudo and Calyn Sanders of Warner Robins.

Wheeler, Jase Raylan, born Feb. 6 to Amber Walker and Hunter Wheeler of Juliette.

Howard, Jase Jarrod, born Feb. 7 to Morgan Fennell and Seth Howard of Centerville.

Zeigler, McKenzie, born Feb. 7 to Shevon McKenzie and Trae Zeigler of Macon.

Martin, Olivia Monae, born Feb. 8 to Jaquanan Martin of Warner Robins.

Poole, Ansley Marie, born Feb. 8 to Lonnie and Rachel (Horka) Poole of Moultrie.

Milam, Caleb Lane, born Feb. 9 to Josh and Telia (Rubio) Milam of Centerville.

Garner, Isabelle Mary-Anne, born Feb. 11 to Thomas and Alysia (Cameron) Garner of Warner Robins.

Hayward, Kayden A’kari, born Feb. 11 to Uniqua Williams and Sterling Hayward Jr. of Warner Robins.

Joyner, Mason Levi, born Feb. 11 to Casey Joyner of Warner Robins.

Noland, Allison Grace, born Feb. 11 to David and Penny (Eichholz) Noland of Warner Robins.

Patterson, Julianna Elizabeth, born Feb. 11 to Jonathan and Arshela (Black) Patterson of Warner Robins.

Sparrow, Wilson Cole, born Feb. 11 to Fate and Ashley (Marshall) Sparrow of Pinehurst.

Bibiloni, Isabella Marie, born Feb. 12 to Kenny and Maria (Aguilar) Bibiloni of Warner Robins.

Redmond, Olivia Ta’Niyah, born Feb. 12 to Quashesa Jones and Otell Redmond of Warner Robins.

Toy, Braylen Josiah, born Feb. 12 to Khalilah Wallace and Theodore Toy of Augusta.

Debro, Kali Amarce, born Feb. 13 to Almarco and Tanika (Flowers) Debro of Bonaire.

Willard, Emily Elizabeth, born Feb. 13 to Josh and Rebecca (Trentham) Willard of Perry.

Hernandez, Derek Anthony, born Feb. 14 to Jose Pedro and April Patricia Hernandez of Warner Robins.

White, Elliot James, born Feb. 14 to Erik and Micki (Allgeier) White of Warner Robins.

King, Kaden Monsieur Amir, born Feb. 16 to Princess King of Warner Robins.

Little, Aubree Brielle, born Feb. 16 to Brandon and Britley (Grimes) Little of Fort Valley.

Phillips, Jeremiah Kyrie, born Feb. 17 to Brittany Abner and Montrell Phillips of Warner Robins.

Wright, Mya Renee’, born Feb. 17 to Michael and Vanessa (Bryant) Wright of Centerville.

Collins, Autumn, born Feb. 18 to Vernon and Michelle Collins of Warner Robins.

Ramos, Dominic, born Feb. 18 to Isaac and Erica (Jones) Ramos of Warner Robins.

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