Peach County High STAR student wants to study medicine

awoolen@macon.comMarch 12, 2014 

Peach County High School’s STAR student Caitlyn Hicks, left, poses for a photo with her STAR teacher, Lakisha Bobbitt.


FORT VALLEY -- Caitlyn Hicks admits she didn’t really study for the SAT.

“I’m the best guesser in the world,” she said.

The 17-year-old senior at Peach County High School was named the school’s STAR student for her score of 1860 on the test.

It was her first time taking the test, and she scored the highest in the school, earning her the selection, along with being in the top 10 percent of her class.

Next year, she will attend Georgia Southern University, and she plans to go on to medical school. Hicks is undecided about what field of medicine she wants to study.

Hicks is also very humble, according to her STAR teacher, Lakisha Bobbitt.

“Titles do not carry her,” Bobbitt said.

Bobbitt, a journalism and literature teacher, has been at the school for five years. She wasn’t expecting such an honor just by having Hicks in her class.

Each STAR student selects a STAR teacher.

The student and teacher have a good relationship, so nominating Bobbitt was an easy choice for Hicks.

Bobbitt said she got emotional when she found out about the award.

Hicks corrected her.

“She cried,” Hicks said.

The two have been together since ninth grade when Hicks took a journalism class from Bobbitt.

Both Hicks and Bobbitt were honored Thursday at the Peach County Chamber of Commerce Focus on Education Recognition Banquet.

Next, they will compete in the regional STAR program, which will send a winner on to the state competition.

Hicks has been the yearbook editor for two years. She also plays tennis and is a member of Health Occupations Students of America.

Hicks credits her love of reading with her high score on the test.

Bobbitt said the first paper she received from Hicks was on a level beyond her years.

“She has a maturity in her writing,” Bobbitt said.

The maturity extends beyond her intelligence to every aspect of her life.

Bobbitt said Hicks inspires her classmates to achieve with her attitude and just by who she is.

“She’s the true star of this,” Bobbitt said.

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