Byron seeks $500,000 for water system upgrades

Telegraph correspondentMarch 10, 2014 

BYRON -- Officials are seeking $500,000 to pay for water system improvements in the Toomersville and Bassett Street neighborhoods.

City Council voted unanimously Monday to seek up to $500,000 in a Community Development Block Grant from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs for water system improvements in the neighborhoods.

In doing so, Mayor Larry Collins said the city was committed to paying $80,000 in matching funds and other project costs as well as taking on upkeep responsibilities once the project is finished.

In a letter to the state, Collins calls the improvements “critical” to the neighborhoods. Councilman Michael Chidester noted this is the third time the city has sought the grant for the improvement project.

The city has until April 1 to finalize and submit paperwork.

The council also passed an ordinance Monday identifying streets where speed detection devices may be used by police. Identifying such streets is required annually by the state.

Byron Police Chief Wesley Cannon said the ordinance reidentifies streets previously approved and adds several new streets, including portions of Caleb Way, Carrington Lane and Sweetsprie Lane. The speed limit is 25 mph on each of those roads.

While discussing the ordinance, Chidester asked Cannon to look into speed limits and school zone limits along White Road.

Chidester said when turning from Ga. 49, Byron’s main thoroughfare onto White Road, there is no speed marker in the less-than-quarter-mile before the start of a 35 mph school zone which runs to North Peach Park. At that point the speed limit becomes 45 mph.

Chidester asked Cannon to check with the Georgia DOT, which governs school zones and speed limits, to find out what the city might do to adjust limits and ensure there are no overly drastic variances in speed along the route.

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