ERICKSON: A few Friday observations

March 7, 2014 

My friend John Kennedy is running for the state Senate in District 18. That is the district that is represented by Cecil Staton who is retiring. It covers all of Crawford, Monroe, Peach and Upson counties and parts of Bibb and northern Houston counties.

I met Kennedy back when I practiced law. He worked upstairs at another firm but was often in our office at lunchtime visiting my friend Tripp, now Judge Tripp Self. John is a tremendously good guy. Like one would say about all politicians in the South, he’s a good family man. But more than that -- for this race -- John Kennedy is an intelligent and competent man.

In this day and age, anyone with a deep pocket can buy their way into office whether they are competent or not. John does not have deep pockets, but he has vast reserves of integrity, intelligence and competence. He would be a tremendous asset for Middle Georgia in the state’s General Assembly.

Keep your eye on John Kennedy. He is absolutely worth supporting.

Film Festival

Kudos to the Macon Film Festival organizers. They brought in Matthew Modine this year. The one thing about the film festival that intrigues me is what a disconnect there is in Macon. It is a great thing that we have a film festival. It is even greater that we have movies and television shows coming into town to film.

But I did not know about it until half-way through the festival. In fact, here in the northern parts of Bibb County, I actually did not encounter anyone who knew it was going on. There were certainly articles in The Telegraph and on the local television station websites. But at random checks on Friday evening and Saturday morning, those articles were not readily noticeable on the front pages of the websites.

Contrast that with the Bragg Jam, which is heavily marketed and promoted weeks in advance with ongoing, in depth coverage. There is no way to miss that the Bragg Jam is happening. But if the Macon Film Festival fell in the forest ...

It looks like it was a good event. I am sure it can even be better.

North Macon weather

Speaking of North Macon, it has come to my attention that the local news has started giving the weather forecasts for Macon and North Macon. Sure enough, I watched Monday night as the cold settled in again. North Macon was at 41 degrees and Macon was at 42 degrees.

Back when I practiced law, some North Macon residents wanted to incorporate North Macon as a new city. Their project name was “No Jack City.” It really is like a whole other country, complete with its own weather forecast on the local news now.

With consolidation upon us, we are all in this together and we will sink or swim together. It’s not just political events that need to penetrate the area. Cultural events like the film festival, etc., should penetrate the conscience of North Macon suburbanites too.

Distance and dining

Relatedly, a friend of mine last year said he and his wife had stopped going downtown from North Macon to dine. They love the restaurant scene, but it seemed on Friday nights the local police were intent on DUI checkpoints between downtown and North Macon.

He was not worried about being charged just the inconvenience of dealing with stops, the “I only had one glass of wine” explanation, and the breathalyzer to prove it. There are so many little things that go into bringing a community together or dividing it.

Erick Erickson is a Fox News contributor and radio talk show host in Atlanta.

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