Brown: Malone doing well years after heart transplant

March 5, 2014 

Since February was American Heart Month, I wanted to give an update on the dynamic duo Chip and Cynthia Malone.

Chip Malone, a retired boys basketball coach at Warner Robins High School, had a heart transplant in 2010 due to heart disease, and since then his “Chip’n Away at Heart Disease” team has been moving full steam ahead to help fight heart disease.

I recently asked Malone how he is doing now.

He said he just had a three-month check-up, and his numbers are good. He said his numbers are his blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which help indicate what’s going on in his body.

Malone said he has learned to be disciplined. He sees his doctor regularly, takes his medication, eats healthy and exercises.

He said it’s important to follow up with the doctor. He said he wants people to know the doctor can provide the treatment, but also following the doctor’s advice can make a difference.

Malone emphasized taking prescribed medication is essential to fighting any disease and reiterated it’s important to eat right and exercise.

See your doctor, follow your doctor’s advice, take your medicine, eat healthy and exercise. These are keys to a healthy life.

For more information on heart disease, you can visit the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at You can also visit for more information about “Chip’n Away at Heart Disease.”

Dairlyn Brown is a nurse in Warner Robins.

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