Torres: I’m going to finally say what we’ve all been thinking

February 28, 2014 

OK, let’s do this: It’s not that the n-word is such a bad word; it’s just that no one wants white people to say it. There! Someone finally said it!

When I got back to Macon on Monday with barely any sleep and pretty much having been in a vehicle the entire weekend, I had to listen to two older men argue about NFL players getting penalized for using the word. I was annoyed by this conversation based on the racial divide Macon still has (all though it’s getting better) and the fact that these guys had no idea what they were talking about.

Look, the origin is of the word is bad. It was turned into a term of endearment that is used in hip-hop culture and amongst friends worldwide. The problem lies within these imaginary lines of who can say it and who can’t. When is the appropriate time to say it and how? Why can black people say it and white people can’t?

It’s just getting ridiculous. It’s like when certain bars/clubs do that “dress code” thing that singles out people who wear “baggy clothes,” “hats” and, of course, my favorite “flashy jewelry.” (I’ve actually seen this on a club sign.) Although it’s more than one race that may be guilty of these fashion trends, we know who you’re talking about. Just come out and say it.

The NFL probably isn’t worried about players who have grown up in the same neighborhood and now play in the same league saying it to each other. They’re probably more worried about being sued, especially when the word could potentially be uttered on field during a televised game.

I’ve tried to use the n-word less and less because I don’t want to encourage kids that it’s OK to say it and they get stomped out over it. It doesn’t bother me when it’s used. I make a mental note and move on. I personally wish it would become invisible and people would stop talking about it all together.

I also think that some people only say it because black people say it and they can’t. There are one million other terms of endearment, but some people just try to pick the most controversial word to use and then act surprised when they’re confronted about it. It’s all just silly.

In less controversial topics, the Macon Film Festival kicked off Thursday and if you’ve never been, I strongly recommend it. The variety of films is fantastic and I’ve met so many talented film makers during the past few years. You can find information on day/weekend passes at

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