Homicides drop in Macon, Bibb in 2013

lfabian@macon.comFebruary 27, 2014 

The homicide rate dropped last year in both Macon and Bibb County compared with 2012 crime statistics, according to crime rates released Thursday.

The 16 people killed in the former city limits of Macon in 2013 was nearly a 24 percent drop from the 21 homicides in 2012.

Bibb County investigated one homicide, down from three the previous year.

Arrests were made in all 17 killings, according to a news release from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

Aggravated assaults, which include shootings, stabbings and other violent incidents, were also down in both jurisdictions.

Macon’s 311 aggravated assaults last year were down just 0.6 percent from 2012’s 313, while Bibb County reported 54 aggravated assaults, down nearly 24 percent from 71 in 2012.

The numbers are mixed in other categories for the final year before this year’s consolidation of the police and sheriff’s departments.

Holdups at hotels in the north and south ends of the county caused a 57 percent spike, with 66 robberies compared with 42 the year before. Robberies were down a little more than 8 percent in the city last year with 225 robberies in 2013, down from 245 the year before.

The sheriff’s office reports the robbery rate began to go down late last year after several arrests.

The uniformed crime rate considering instances of homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, arson, burglary, larceny and auto theft shows a total of 7,524 offenses in Macon and 2,756 for Bibb County in 2013. In 2012, Macon reported 7,460 offenses and Bibb County had 2,498.

The number of crimes rose by 64 in Macon for a less than 1 percent increase, and by 258 crimes for Bibb, which spiked 10 percent over the year before.

Rapes are up from 35 in Macon in 2012 to 40 in 2013. In Bibb County, 23 rapes were reported last year, compared with 17 the year before.

Both Macon and Bibb County saw a reduction in arson cases. The city was down to 45 in 2013 from 56 in 2012, while Bibb County reported five fewer arsons in 2013 compared with the 18 in 2012.

Burglaries jumped 8 percent in Macon from 1,894 in 2012 to 2,046 in 2013.

The Sheriff’s Outreach Section is meeting with home and business owners to teach burglary prevention techniques, the release stated.

The burglary rate fell by 6.4 percent in Bibb with 483 break-ins in 2013, down from 516 in 2012.

Larceny, or theft of personal property, dropped in the city from 4,404 in 2012 to 4,347 last year. Bibb County saw a 15 percent increase, from 1,648 larcenies in 2012 to 1,899 in 2013, which also includes a 15 percent increase in shoplifting cases.

The county also reported auto thefts were up 18.6 percent from 183 in 2012 to 217 in 2013.

In the city, auto thefts rose 0.4 percent from 492 in 2012 to 494 in 2013.

Car break-ins rose 40 percent in Bibb County, but were down 14 percent in the old city limits. The exact number of entering autos was not released, but the sheriff’s office urges motorists to secure their vehicles and keep possessions out of sight.

In most cases, doors were left unlocked and personal items were in plain view.

Bibb Sheriff David Davis hopes 2014’s consolidated law enforcement team will result in more encouraging numbers.

In the release, Davis said the 2013 numbers “illustrate that our community is headed in a positive direction as shown by the reduced occurrences of homicides and aggravated assaults.”

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