Hopf brothers wrapping up academically successful decade at WRHS

February 26, 2014 

From left, Landon, Collin and Evan Hopf are brothers who have won the Warner Robins football team’s top academic award.


With the impending graduation of the class of 2014 from Warner Robins High School, there are plenty of kids who are thinking ahead and making plans for their future.

There is also a collective sigh of relief from underclassmen who are also thinking of the future.

That’s because the graduation of the class of 2014 will mark the graduation of the last of the three Hopf brothers -- Collin, Evan and Landon.

Now somebody else besides a Hopf will earn the academic award given each year to members of the Warner Robins High football team.

For the past 10 years at the Demons annual football banquet, a son of Joe and Joanna Hopf has had his name called out for academic excellence. First came Collin, who graduated in 2008, then Evan who finished in 2012 and lastly Landon, who will graduate as a member of the class of 2014.

Some years, because of the overlap of two brothers in high school at the same time, the Hopf name was called out more than once.

At their banquet, the Warner Robins High football team recognizes the student from each grade with the highest GPA. Each Hopf brother won it his freshman, sophomore and junior years, emphasizing the most important part of scholar-athlete.

Seniors are eligible for the W.G. Talbert award, which recognizes the member of the team with the highest overall GPA. The brothers Hopf each also won the W.G. Talbert award their senior year.

Each of the Hopf brothers contributed as much on the field as he did in the classroom. Collin played offensive tackle, Evan was a defensive back and Landon played tight end.

After graduation from Warner Robins High, Collin went on to graduate from the University of Georgia and is employed with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. Evan is studying electrical engineering at Georgia Tech and co-oping with Georgia Power. Landon is interested in civil engineering and is leaning toward attending Georgia Southern University.

Not to be outdone by his first cousins, Lee Hopf also won the academic award each of his underclassman years and the Talbert award his senior year in 2007. Lee finished at Birmingham Southern and is currently in seminary at Concordia University.

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