Houston County wastes no time in setting course

February 21, 2014 

The Houston County Board of Education has wasted no time in setting a schedule for appointing a new superintendent. The ink on Robin Hines announcement that he was retiring in May was barely dry when the school board announced it would have a new superintendent hired by April.

That is in stark contrast to the Bibb system, which has been without a permanent superintendent for a year.

Houston County has had a string of successful superintendents by training from within, and it has declared again its intention to not look beyond its own employees for its next leader. The only time in the last 16 years it has not followed that superintendent strategy was when it hired Charles Holloway from Texasas. He oversaw the failed school bond referendum and his departure followed not long after. The board then picked Danny Carpenter, who had been with the district for 30 years when he took over the helm. Carpenter was followed by his brother David and then Hines, both longtime Houston County educators.

The board is confident that they have the right person prepared to lead the district and continue its climb to success. Now they only have to decide which one.

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