Comedy of errors in Perry Players’ ‘Unnecessary Farce’

awoolen@macon.comFebruary 21, 2014 

PERRY -- Two adjoining hotel rooms with bumbling cops, a killer in a kilt and a clueless mayor set the scene as the Perry Players present “Unnecessary Farce: Two Cops, Three Crooks, 8 Doors, Go.”

Opening Friday, the cast of seven, directed by Don Boyd, uses eight red doors on stage to showcase what can happen when a sting operation goes awry.

“Who is the bad guy is quite the surprise,” he said.

The doors, which Boyd estimates open and close about 150 times, are just part of the hysterics of the comedy, which was written by Paul Slade Smith.

Officer Eric Sheridan, played by Charles Rodriguez, opens the play in his underwear while talking to the chief of police.

Once dressed, he is joined by fellow officer Billie Dwyer, played by Christina Pykles, who has failed the police academy tests due to her unnatural fear of the dark -- and guns.

Boyd is a veteran director and actor. He has directed about 40 plays in his 36 years on stage, he said.

The cast members are all veterans of the stage as well, which Boyd said was necessary because of the timing of the lines, which are sometimes said in unison, and the movement required on stage.

“We have weathered the weather and illness,” said Boyd, whose actors have braved two snow and ice storms in the past few weeks.

Todd, the Scottish hit man, is played by actor Jeff Lintz, who channels his brogue by imitating Sean Connery and listening to a CD with Scottish accents.

He has been acting for 25 years.

“When I get really angry, I throw in Gaelic terms,” Lintz said of his character. This happens in particular in interrogations, which leads to misunderstandings.

Lintz enjoys playing the bad guy, and this particular bad guy is a kilt-wearing, bagpipe playing Scotsman who wears a traditional red plaid kilt and carries a red plaid duffle bag.

He jokingly nicknamed the play “50 Shades of Plaid.”

Todd’s accomplice, detective Frank, played by Michael Robinson, also has his flaws.

“I had guts once,” Frank says, just before being discovered in one of the beds with Officer Sheridan and accountant Karen Brown, played by Heather Kelly.

At some point, everyone seems to be caught with their respective pants down.

“It’s the ultimate nightmare,” Rodriguez said.

“Unnecessary Farce”

7:30 p.m. Feb. 21-22 and 28, March 1 and 7-8; 2:30 p.m. Feb. 23 and March 2

Where: Perry Players, 909 Main St., Perry

Cost: $15 adults; $12 seniors, military, student or child

Information: 478-987-5354,

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