Grisamore: Monday Trivia hails to the chief

February 16, 2014 

In recognition of Presidents Day, today’s edition of Monday Morning Trivia is fit for a king.

Georgia has strong ties with many of our nation’s 44 presidents. So here is yet another way for you to amaze your friends with your hail-to-the-chief expertise.

1. Which of Georgia’s springs did Franklin D. Roosevelt make famous?

(A) Jay Bird Springs. (B) Warm Springs. (C) Lukewarm Springs. (D) Sandy Springs.

2. Which of the following is NOT true about Jimmy Carter, the only Georgian ever elected to the Oval Office?

(A) He was the first president born in a hospital. (B) His mother was named Miss Lillian. (C) He and his wife, Rosalynn, have been married 67 years, second-longest in presidential history to George H.W. and Barbara Bush’s 69 years. (D) He has never taught Sunday School and is allergic to peanuts.

3. Woodrow Wilson was born in Virginia in 1856 but lived in which Georgia city from age 2 to 14?

(A) Augusta. (B) Waycross. (C) Columbus. (D) Gainesville.

4. Barry Goldwater became the first-ever Republican presidential candidate to carry Georgia. But he lost the 1964 general election in a landslide to which Democratic incumbent?

(A) Walter Mondale. (B) Lyndon Johnson. (C) Harry Truman. (D) Pat Paulsen.

5. Fort Hawkins, the birthplace of Macon, was named after Benjamin Hawkins, who served as an “agent among the Creek Indians and superintendent of all tribes south of the Ohio River.” Hawkins was appointed and re-appointed to the position by which two U.S. presidents?

(A) Washington and Jefferson. (B) Van Buren and Fillmore. (C) Cleveland and McKinley. (D) Truman and Kennedy.

6. Crawford County is named after William Harris Crawford, who was the first Georgian to run for president. Who was his running mate in 1824?

(A) Andrew Jackson. (B) John Quincy Adams. (C) Nathaniel Macon. (D) Henry Clay.

7. Which U.S. president’s parents were married at Bulloch Hall, his mother’s childhood home in Roswell?

(A) Teddy Roosevelt. (B) William Howard Taft. (C) Calvin Coolidge. (D) Herbert Hoover.

8. William Usery Jr., of the Hardwick community in Baldwin County, became the first Georgian to serve as U.S. secretary of labor after being appointed by which president? (Hint: He was the only individual to serve as president who was not elected to the presidency or the vice presidency.)

(A) Richard Nixon. (B) Bill Clinton. (C) Gerald Ford. (D) Benjamin Harrison.

9. Which of the following Georgia cities is NOT named after a president?

(A) Washington. (B) Jeffersonville. (C) Madison. (D) Garfield.

10. Which two presidents have streets in Macon named after them?

(A) Harding and Reagan. (B) Clinton and Obama. (C) Bush and Bush. (D) Eisenhower and Kennedy.

ANSWERS: (1) B. (2) D. (3) A. (4) B. (5) A. (6) C. (7) A. (8) C. (9) B. (10) D.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Electoral landslide. (7-8) Commander-in-chief. (5-6) Executive privilege. (3-4) Presidential pardon. (0-2) Impeachable offense.

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