Snow a reminder to appreciate beauty around us

February 16, 2014 

The pristine white snow held on tightly to the blood red holly berries refusing to let go. The sight was mesmerizing.

It mysteriously beckoned me to step up for a closer look. As the cold air brushed gently against my face, I studied the holly bushes in our backyard.

The creamy white icing that had been poured over them made the holly bushes much prettier to me than usual. Their glossy deep green leaves appeared to be more vivid as were the snow-frosted berries.

I stood there for a few minutes just taking it all in. I realized that I walk past these holly bushes many times every day but I never appreciate just how beautiful they are.

Everything appears different when it’s covered with a white blanket of snow. When the recent snowstorm left Middle Georgia covered, I couldn’t wait to go walking and exploring the things around our yard and neighborhood. I love how the white powdery snow magically invites you to pause and observe the things around you.

It is so peaceful and pure. All the imperfections around us seem to be covered up by the frozen white mixture. It’s like Mother Nature is reminding us to pause and really see things in a different way -- to really take a closer look.

Our neighbor took a photo of our house completely covered with snow and emailed it to us.

I gasped when I saw how beautiful the photo was. It looked like a pretty postcard from a store. Yes, it was the house where we have lived for more than 20 years. Yes, we have passed it thousands of times during the years.

However, most of the time with my busy schedule, I don’t even notice our home. But because the snow had offered a different perspective, I was seeing it as if it was the first time.

Studying the photo, I noticed the beautiful lines of the roof, the interesting shapes of the surrounding shrubs and trees and the intricacy of the wrought iron gates all highlighted by the snow.

Our lawn looked like a large sheet of cotton batting had been rolled out to cover it.

Neither paws nor feet had made any indentions yet. Everything looked beautiful! The snow had given me the perfect chance to really see our house and grounds and, because of that, I became more grateful for what I had.

Long after the snow slowly lost its luster and gently melted away, I am striving to remember to look at what’s around me with gratitude. Sometimes we just have to be reminded to see beauty and be grateful.

That happened again the other day for me. We had visitors and we ended up sitting in our living room talking and catching up. A little girl had separated from the rest of us, opting to take her own tour of our house.

When she finished, she walked into the living room with a sparkle on her face and, with the sweetest voice ever, said, “Your house is full of color!”

As you can imagine, the first thing I did was look around the room trying to see things the way the little girl had. I tried to look at our interiors as if I was seeing them for the first time. I get so used to living in this space that I lose sight of just how colorful it is.

I’m usually so focused on deadlines as I navigate my way through our house that I don’t really see the rooms. Because I was reminded by this tiny girl of the beautiful environment I’m blessed to live in, I immediately gave thanks and promised myself I would pause more often to soak it all in.

With that thought, I had a memory pop into my mind from many years ago. To this day, it still affects the way I look at things.

I was asked to give a tour of our home to a lady who had recently lost her sight. I felt very awkward at first because I had to describe in detail what I was seeing that she couldn’t.

But as I took her around our home, I was really the one being blessed. I had to study each decoration so that I could accurately explain to her how it looked and, in doing so, I was reacquainted with beautiful things I pass every day but seldom take time to really observe.

Have you ever noticed when something changes around us it provides us a chance to look at our lives and surroundings in a completely different way?

It’s like change shines a spotlight on things we often take for granted just so we can notice and appreciate them more. And when we appreciate them more, we realize we have much to be grateful for. And when we are grateful, well, everything becomes more beautiful!

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