AC Pup looking forward to a race to remember

February 14, 2014 

AC Pup and his dachshund friend BamBam


And they’re off! I’ve always wanted to say that. It makes me think of a thrilling car race with someone vigorously waving a flag, signaling cars to begin speeding around the track in a lightning-fast pursuit of a trophy and a trip to the winner’s circle.

That’s what we’ll be doing at my birthday party called AC Pupfest at Georgia Industrial Children’s Home in Macon next Saturday, Feb. 22, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. We’ll be having an exciting, heart-pounding race to the finish.

Well, sort of.

The participants in our race won’t be dazzling anyone by breaking speed records. I doubt they’ll impress anyone with their skill or concentration. In fact, I think it may even be difficult for them to focus on the race.

Chances are they’ll have trouble staying in their lanes. And they’ll probably stop in the middle of the race to socialize with their opponents and try to help them win. They may even take a detour on the way to the finish line and run over to the sidelines to visit spectators.

They may totally disregard the finish line and run back to the starting block instead. It will be like no other race you’ve ever seen before.

There probably won’t be a fierce competitor in the group. But I’ll bet you won’t find any cuter contestants anywhere.

You see, our racers will be dachshunds in our first-ever Doxie Derby. Yes, we’ll have authentic low riders running for the gold. They’ll actually be running for a milk bone, but they’ll do it with gusto, unless they get distracted and decide to check out the concession stand instead.

With their long bodies and their two-inch legs, they’re definitely not designed for speed. But with their adorable personalities and huge hearts, they’re truly entertaining. Sign your doxie up for the race by emailing

The AC Pupfest is going to be packed with fun. In addition to the Doxie Derby, there will be arts and crafts vendors, dancing by talented people from Hayiya Dance Theatre, a demonstration from Ahn’s Tae Kwon Do, terrific music and delicious food.

And it’s all for a great cause. The party will benefit my nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES and Georgia Industrial Children’s Home. Our title sponsor is the fabulous Geico, and I have a feeling the cute gecko will be joining us at the party, too.

In addition to the Georgia Industrial Children’s Home, our friends at Georgia Public Broadcasting, QIXIE 103.9, Dunwody Insurance, Northside Cheers, Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola and others also sponsor the event.

There is no admission fee, although we would love it if you brought a bag of pet food for us to share with the needy. Hope to see you at my birthday party on Feb. 22!

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