‘Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes’ opens in Warner Robins Friday

Sun News correspondentFebruary 12, 2014 

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Warner Robins Little Theatre will present the comedy “Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes” written by Sandra Fenichel Asher.

The play is being produced through special arrangements with Dramatic Publishing and tells the story of Kate Corrigan.

Kate is under the impression that she has her life in order -- she has a good job, a steady man and recently bought a home. But before she even unpacks, Kate meets her neighbors, elderly widows who soon involve Kate in their lives.

The show is directed by Jerry Reppert and produced by Zack Lindstrom. Cheryl Lindstrom acts as stage manager for the production.

Reppert suggested “Little Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes” to the Warner Robins Little Theatre board. He wanted to do the show to give some of the older actors an opportunity to perform in an ensemble.

Reppert said the characters are neighbors but not really connected to each other’s lives.

“They each have their own little problems,” said Reppert. “The character of Kate decides to have a tea and to get everyone to her house and to get them all acquainted.”

While billed as a comedy, Reppert said the show had some tragedy as well.

“But very often, tragedy leads us back to comedy,” said Reppert.

Even with the older cast, Reppert said the show appeals across generations.

“There are so many things in this play that will remind you of someone you know. You will think that you know people just like one of the characters and will able to relate to them,” said Reppert.

Along with plenty of experience on stage, the older actors have another quality that has made directing the show a joy for Reppert.

“Almost everyone was involved in a college drama program, which makes them so easy to direct because they understand what I am trying to do. I have really been enjoying directing them,” he said.

The cast includes Mary Greene (Kate Corrigan); Cheryl Taylor (Molly Blumenthal); Ashlynn Phillips (Jennifer Bernstein); Emma Greene (Marsha Bernstein); Susan McRaney (Mrs. Petrelli); Peggy Vesely (Mrs. Feldman); Lois Wills (Mrs. Davis) and David Lee (Bill Clayton).

Since the play opens on Valentine’s Day, the Warner Robins Little Theatre will have a special treat for those who attend that evening. A quartet will sing at 7:45. The show starts at 8 p.m.

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