AC Pup: Sweets and flowers OK for your sweetheart but keep them from pets

February 7, 2014 

February is such a sweet month to me. Everywhere you turn during the month you see symbols of love. Hearts, flowers and candy are in every store you visit and every newspaper or magazine you pick up.

From what I can tell, the guys are supposed to make sure they buy some of those hearts, flowers and candy and give them to the gals. I think that’s how it’s supposed to work so the guys don’t get in trouble.

One important thing to remember is when these items are brought into your home, please make sure they are kept away from your pets. There will be lots of chocolate, and you know that’s dangerous to pets. Many plants and flowers are dangerous, too, so just please keep them away from your pets.

I love love. But to me, love is so much more than buying candy one month out of the year. Love is about loyalty, commitment, affection, acceptance and forgiveness, year in and year out.

This is the kind of love animals long to show to the people in their lives. You see, companion animals seem to be programmed to devote their entire lives to the people around them. We want to spend time with our human families and consider it our purpose for even being alive.

With every heartbeat,we want to shower you with adoration and warmth. And this is what we want to do until our very last heartbeat.

Some think we can’t communicate how much we could possibly love you because we don’t have speech. But we don’t need words to let you know how much we care. Between our adoring, loving eyes and our wagging tails or constant purring, we leave no doubt how much you mean to us.

And for homeless animals not fortunate enough to have a human family yet, they have such a void in their lives because they don’t yet have people to love. That’s why I work so hard to find them homes.

One of the ways I will help them is at my birthday festival, AC Pupfest, at Georgia Industrial Children’s Home on Feb. 22 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. In addition to great fun and entertainment, I’ve invited rescue groups to bring homeless animals in need of their own families.

This is a great opportunity to come out to support two great causes, kids and critters, and to help loving companion animals possibly find families.

My party will not only be fun, but it also will make a difference to kids and to animals.

Yes, February is the month for love. But so is every other month of the year. Let February set the tone of how we’ll all try to love each other more. And my party is a great way to get started.

Hope to see you there.

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