GRISAMORE: Trivia trip and happy birthday, Sid

February 2, 2014 

Monday Morning Trivia welcomes the shortest month of the year and sends out birthday wishes to Sidney Lanier, who was born on this day in 1842.

Appropriately enough, Old Sid leads off today’s quiz, followed by questions on the Great Snowstorm of ’73, Buster Brown, Waffle House and a fifth-quarter Super Bowl quiz.

I have been told the Jan. 20 trivia questions were too difficult, even for those smarter than the average bear. So I’m lightening the load this week.

1. Which of the following is NOT true about Macon’s most famous native son, poet Sidney Lanier?

(A) He was an accomplished musician and played first flute in Baltimore’s Peabody Symphony Orchestra. As a boy, he would imitate the sounds of birds with a flute he made from a reed on the banks of the Ocmulgee. (B) His two most famous poems are “The Marshes of Gluten” and “Song of the Ohoopee.” (C) A bust of Lanier on display at the Washington Memorial Library in Macon was sculpted by Gutzon Borglum, who did Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and started the work on the Confederate Memorial carving at Stone Mountain. (D) The state’s largest lake (Lake Lanier) and tallest bridge (Brunswick) are named in his honor.

2. Last week’s snowstorm brought back memories of the record snowfall of Feb. 9-10, 1973. How much did it snow in Macon during those two days?

(A) 16.5 inches. (B) 16.5 feet. (C) 23.724 centimeters. (D) A heap.

3. Buster Brown was a R&B singer and harmonica player who was born in Cordele. His 1959 song “Fannie Mae” has been recorded by such groups as The Rolling Stones, the Righteous Brothers and The Steve Miller Band and is on the soundtrack to which 1973 movie?

(A) “American Graffiti.” (B) “Walking Tall.” (C) “Paper Moon.” (D) “The Way We Were.”

4. Demaryius Thomas, a star receiver for the Denver Broncos who played in Sunday night’s Super Bowl, was born on Christmas Day 1987 in which tiny community in Middle Georgia?

(A) Alamo. (B) Wayside. (C) Blount. (D) Montrose.

5. In 1970, this famous billboard could be found in the southeast Georgia town of Ludowici. It read: “BEWARE! You Are in Long County and Approaching Ludowici, Georgia. Don’t Get Fleeced in a Clip Joint. Don’t Get Caught in a Speed Trap.” Who endorsed it with his signature?

(A) Deputy Barney Fife. (B) Sheriff Buford T. Justice. (C) Gov. Lester Maddox. (D) President Richard Nixon.

6. Only two cities in the nation were planned and designed specifically to serve as seats of government. Washington, D.C. is one. What is the other?

(A) Payne City. (B) Milledgeville. (C) Athens. (D) Rome.

7. The jukebox has been an important part of Waffle House lore. Which of the following songs was NOT written about Waffle House and has never been a selection on the jukebox of the restaurant chain, which is headquartered in Georgia?

(A) “Waffle House Family, Part 1.” (B) “Make Mine With Cheese.” (C) “844,739 Ways.” (D) “99 Bottles of Syrup on the Wall.”

8. Georgia has an upcoming anniversary. It was settled as the 13th colony on Feb. 12, 1733 by which man?

(A) Button Gwinnett. (B) Nathaniel Macon. (C) James Oglethorpe. (D) Doc Holliday.

9. King Brothers became the “second largest show on earth” after purchasing Cole Brothers 60 years ago this month (February 1954). Its winter headquarters were in Macon at Central City Park. What was King Brothers?

(A) A royal ballet company. (B) A circus. (C) A theatre troupe. (D) An affiliate of Queen Sisters.

10. President William Howard Taft -- at 335 pounds the heftiest of the 44 U.S. presidents -- visited Macon in 1909 and consumed a breakfast consisting of sausage, ham and eggs, fried chicken, hominy, rolls, waffles, pancakes, biscuits and fried sweet potatoes. Needing a large carriage to support his ample weight and girth, Taft had it ordered from the “Buggy Capital of the World,” manufactured in which nearby town?

(A) Barnesville. (B) Sandersville. (C) Abbeville. (D) Wrightsville.

ANSWERS: (1) B. (2) A. (3) A. (4) D. (5) C. (6) B. (7) D. (8) C. (9) B. (10) A.

REPORT CARD: (9-10) Poet laureate. (7-8) Poetry in motion. (5-6) Simple sonnet. (3-4) Hangover haiku. (0-2) Nursery rhyme.

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