Online survey will help set Bibb school make-up days

Staff reportJanuary 31, 2014 

Bibb County public school students will probably have to make up two school days before the school year ends, but district leaders want to know which days the public would like to pencil in.

With the cancellation of school on Jan. 6-7 and Jan. 28-30 due to inclement weather, the Bibb County school district has lost five days from its 2013-14 school calendar, and it is now required by state law to make up some of those days.

Interim Superintendent Steve Smith plans to recommend to the Board of Education that students and staff make up two of those days. Before choosing the days, however, Smith wants employees, parents and students to vote in an online survey to share their preferences, according to a release from the system.

Respondents are asked to select one of the following surveys:




Each survey offers the same options. The survey links also will be posted on the district’s website,, and will remain active through noon, Feb. 7.

The options available for making up days for the 2013-14 school year are:

• Option 1: Take two days from winter break, which is scheduled for Feb. 17-21.

• Option 2: Take two days from spring break, which is scheduled for March 31-April 4.

• Option 3: Use the furlough day on March 17 as one make-up day for staff and students, and extend the school day by 30 minutes March 17-April 11 to make up the additional day. The additional 30 minutes during those three weeks of school would be used for test preparation for the CRCT, EOCT and AP exams, and academic enrichment.

• Option 4: Extend the school year by two days. The current academic calendar has students attending school through May 23, and 190-day employees working May 27 with two furlough days on May 28-29.

Under Option 4, students would also go to school on May 27-28. Employees on a 190-day contract would then work May 27-29, with two furlough days on May 30 and June 2.

• Option 5: Have school on two Saturdays, which would be sometime in March and/or April.

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