Four plead guilty in Macon prostitution, laundering case

mstucka@macon.comJanuary 17, 2014 

Hyeon Chae had a Buckhead condominum, a BMW X5 and a successful brothel on Macon’s Riverside Drive.

That’s according to pleas in federal court Friday when Chae, 45, admitted that she’d run a prostitution business out of Sedona Tanning Salon, which had been previously known as Soft Hands Massage.

The business near the Hutchings Career Center laundered $709,362, according to the guilty pleas, and offered only sex -- not tans or massages.

From March 2008 through 2012, “the business always, even after the name change in 2010, operated solely as a place of prostitution. (Chae) admits that none of the girls who worked at the business were licensed masseuses. Furthermore, the business never operated as a tanning salon, as the one tanning bed housed at the place of business was not used by any of the male patrons. Female patrons were turned away.”

Sex acts started at $40, but Chae limited charges for service at $100, according to the plea agreement. Chae, also known as “Love,” kept $40 to $60 per customer as a house fee and charged for food and tips for the manager, Kye Wol Dyreson, 72, of Kansas.

Chae pleaded guilty to single counts of conspiracy to promote prostitution and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Dyreson pleaded guilty to a charge of use of an interstate facility to promote, manage and carry on prostitution.

Also, Jin Noh, 50, of Florida, also known as “Sunny,” and Ki Un Jordan, 51, of Atlanta each pleaded guilty to a single count of misprision of a felony.

Chae and Dyreson face a maximum sentence of five years in prison on the charges against them, while Chae faces up to an additional 20 years in prison on the money laundering charge. Jordan and Noh each face a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

Sentencing is scheduled for May 15.

Chae’s plea agreement said Dyerson was known as the house mother, mamasan and auntie. Dyerson’s plea agreement said she escorted the men to the rooms to meet with the prostitutes.

Jordan’s plea agreement said she worked as a prostitute and had to pay $40 a day for food and another $40 for a tip to the manager.

Business began to slow down at one point. When she started, there were “usually three girls at a time working there. However, as time passed there were fewer customers and therefore fewer girls,” the plea agreement said.

Noh’s plea agreement said she would give customers a shower, then sometimes ask what sexual services they wanted. She had to buy her own condoms, which she kept under a trash can so they’d be hidden from plain view. She provided prostitution services to five to eight men a day, working from 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. to midnight.

A Korean taxi driver known as “Tori’s Daddy” delivered the women to the business to work as prostitutes.

As part of the plea agreements, Chae agreed to forfeit a Buckhead condominum, a BMW X5 and about $4,000.

Macon police helped federal officials investigate the business.

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