Peach man convicted of stalking former girlfriend while in prison

bpurser@macon.comJanuary 15, 2014 

Robert Jay Davis

A Peach County man has been convicted for a third time of aggravated stalking of his former girlfriend -- this time while in prison -- and sentenced to an additional 10 years behind bars without the possibility of parole.

After deliberating a little more than an hour after a one-day trial Tuesday, a Peach County jury convicted Robert Jay Davis of one count of aggravated stalking and acquitted him of five other aggravated stalking counts, prosecutor Mike Smith said.

Superior Court Judge Tripp Self sentenced Davis as a recidivist after the verdict, Smith said.

Davis had two prior felony stalking convictions as well as a federal drug conviction for conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute that were considered at sentencing, Smith said. Davis also has another federal drug conviction for the sale of amphetamines.

He was accused of contacting his former live-in girlfriend, Kristen Walton, by letter, phone and social media in violation of a court order while serving a five-year prison sentence.

In an earlier interview with The Telegraph, Davis claimed the stalking -- including the two charges he had previously pleaded guilty to in Superior Court -- was based on allegations trumped up by Walton because of a dispute over the ownership of property.

Davis, who said he’s worked as a contractor at Robins Air Force Base and as a landscaper, also said his earlier pleas were based on bad advice from prior attorneys. He also said he sent letters to the young daughter he and Walton had together because he wanted to be a good father.

However, while the letters may have been addressed to the daughter, the letters were of an adult nature that were clearly intended to “harass and terrorize” Walton, Smith said.

The charge jurors convicted Davis of was in connection with a letter sent from prison, Smith said.

According to the prosecution, Davis’ defense at trial was that he did not contact his former girlfriend, but even if he had, he would not have harassed her, Smith said. Davis did not testify at trial.

“The man’s been convicted three times of stalking,” said Jeff Liipfert, Walton’s attorney, when asked about the case and Davis’ allegations. “I think that speaks for itself. He’ll be in the penitentiary a long time.”

William Phillips, a public defense attorney representing Davis, referred comment to head public defender Lee Robinson and chief assistant public defender Rick Waller for the Macon Judicial Circuit, which includes Peach County. Neither Robinson or Waller could be reached for comment Wednesday.

Davis pleaded guilty in January 2010 to one count of aggravated stalking and was sentenced to seven months in the Peach County jail and five years probation.

He next pleaded guilty in September 2011 to one count of aggravated stalking and one count of escape from the county jail. He is now in prison for those offenses. The maximum sentence he could serve on those convictions runs until April 2017.

Upon completion of that prison term, the new sentence of 10 years without parole kicks in, Smith said.

Also, 14 other charges of aggravated stalking are pending against Davis. Smith said prosecutors will confer on whether to proceed with that indicted case in light of Tuesday’s verdict and sentence.

“A lot if it will depend on his actions,” Smith said of Davis.

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