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semerson@macon.comJanuary 14, 2014 

ATHENS - Georgia's two vacant football coaching positions were posted on the school's web site Monday, thus starting the clock on when a replacement can be officially announced.

The job has to be posted five days, according to athletics director Greg McGarity. That doesn't mean that someone couldn't be unofficially hired and for the story to leak before the week is over. It just wouldn't be made official until the background check is complete and the job has been posted five days. And of course a background check could be completed before the news leaks.

Note: I'm told that in rare cases UGA can petition for relief if it can prove a need for urgency in hiring. In the case of Jeremy Pruitt, announced as the defensive coordinator on Tuesday, UGA apparently could cite the recruiting period beginning again on Thursday.

"Anybody that's hired, whether it's today, next month, in a year, they have to go through the background check. Any state employee," McGarity said. "I don't know how long it takes. It varies."

Curiously, the ad for the second coaching position, vacated when secondary coach Scott Lakatos resigned, actually lists "linebackers coach." Georgia hasn't actually had someone with the title of "linebackers coach" in five years. Todd Grantham handled outside linebackers the past four years, and Kirk Olivadotti was the inside linebackers coach the past three years.

"It's a defensive coach, whether it's linebacker or something else," McGarity said. "It doesn't limit it to that."

It's expected that Richt will hire the defensive coordinator, and then the rest of the position coaching duties will depend upon that. If the defensive coordinator wants to coach the secondary, for instance, then Georgia will not need to hire a secondary coach.

The job listing does not include a potential salary. (McGarity said he wasn't going to discuss that either.)

If you're interested in applying for the job of defensive coordinator, a bachelor's degree is required, and the job ad says a minimum of two years previous experience at a Division I school is "preferred." And here is what the job duties entail, as outlined by the ad:

50 percent of time:

1. Serve as Defensive Coordinator.
2. Coach designated position.
3. Be dedicated to help each player graduate, behave, and grow into a responsible person.
4. Responsible for conduct and behavior of graduate students and student assistants.
5. Recruiting area assigned by Director of On-Campus Recruiting.
6. Responsible to locate, evaluate, and sign players in your area and at your position who are capable of competing for an SEC and National Championship, graduate, and behave.
7. Get installation sheet to Head Coach in fall and spring.
8. Coordinate defensive staff meetings.
9. Oversee self-scout.
10. Promote an atmosphere of compliance.
11. Defensive goals, charts, statistics, practice schedules, staff meetings, etc.
12. Establish criteria for helmet bones and victor's club.
13. Assign summer scouting reports to staff.
14. Assign and evaluate Defensive GA's, Program Coordinator, and Student Assistants.
15. Prepare game plan with staff.
16. Press box and bench assignments and responsibilities.
17. Assign in-season scouting reports.

30 percent of time:
Evaluate and recruit qualified student-athletes in your area and at your position to the University of Georgia whose athletic and personal skills make them highly competitive in the SEC and nationally, and whose academic potential makes them good candidates for a meaningful academic experience and graduation at the University of Georgia.

10 percent of time:

Understand and adhere to NCAA rules specifically related to recruitment and to the on-going performance of duties within an NCAA Division I football program. Ensure compliance with NCAA, SEC and institutional rules and regulations pertaining to the football program.

5 percent of time:

Assist the Head Coach and Academic Advisors in monitoring the academic performance and general well being of student-athletes; assisting the athletes with community service projects and helping them realize and achieve full potential in each area.

5 percent of time:

Other duties as assigned by the Football Head Coach.

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