EDITORIAL: Final member needs to walk onto the Macon-Bibb County field

January 12, 2014 


Larry Schlesinger

WOODY MARSHALL — The Telegraph

We know it’s hard to believe, but an election that was supposed to be decided last July is still in process. That process hopefully comes to an end Tuesday when the voters of Macon-Bibb County’s District 2 will finally decide who should represent them -- Larry Schlesinger or Henry Ficklin.

This do-over is the result of a flawed election that had people, through no fault of their own, voting in districts other than where they lived. Ficklin rightly filed a lawsuit after losing by 26 votes. Senior Superior Court Judge Stephen E. Boswell ruled in Ficklin’s favor and agreed that the election needed to be tossed out.

This is a crucial vote. Throughout this never-ending election season we have stressed the need for team players. We need people committed to the good of the community rather than self, people who are transparent and honest with an eye to the future rather than slights of the past.

Our choice, as it was during the first two rounds of this race, has not wavered. Schlesinger is the final player who needs to run onto the Macon-Bibb County field. There are several reasons. One, he has been committed to the effort to consolidate the two governments. He has shown the ability to get along, form coalitions and think through issues that have faced the community. We believe he will bring those skills to the commission table.

It is a new day in Macon-Bibb County, and the commission will have to make some tough decisions. Schlesinger is always prepared, and his work on the Macon City Council was exemplary. He has shown none of the animus that some members of council did not hesitate to display. Those days are gone now. They are dead and buried and need to stay that way. Now it’s up to the voters of District 2. They can sit on their hands and let others decide who should represent them, or they can go to the polls on Tuesday and choose for themselves. Our choice is Larry Schlesinger.

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