Joe D’s didn’t prove a delight

Telegraph correspondentJanuary 10, 2014 


A beef brisket sandwich with a side of macaroni salad is one of the meals available at Joe D’s in Macon.


The first time I came to review Joe D’s was on a Saturday and I was disappointed that it was closed without notice -- neither on its Facebook page nor even a sign on the door. The next time when we visited on a Monday, it was very busy but only one person was making all the sandwiches and my order for four clogged the line to make it 10 deep.

What to deduce from this? Perhaps that people obviously are willing to put up with sometimes spotty hours and mediocre food. On the positive side, it is a very cozy place, it’s clean and the one person putting the orders together was completely professional and friendly -- I admired how he maintained his composure as the line grew longer and longer.

The day we visited, the specials we chose for $7.25 each were the chicken salad sandwich with chips and drink, barbecue sandwich with slaw and drink, and a scrambled dog with chips and drink.

The chicken salad was barely a smear under the lettuce on the sourdough bread, not even really enough to determine whether it was particularly good chicken salad. The barbecue sandwich was the one standout, smoky and with just enough sauce. The scrambled dog is a butterflied hot dog squirted with mustard and ketchup then covered in chili.

The chili -- also available on the loaded baked potato and the taco salad -- was meaty and perfectly acceptable. The baked potato itself was dry and not very good, even though it seems to have been cooked via my favorite method, in a salt crust.

This was a sign to me that the recipes may be good, but management of the food may need improvement. The Super Joe D’s salad we tried had coarsely chopped lettuce topped with ham, turkey, cheese and tomatoes and was plentiful for $6.25.

Other options available are the Single sandwich of either baked ham, smoked turkey, bologna or salami for $3.75, the Double for $5, the Po Boy with bologna and salami for $4 and the Hero (double the Po Boy) for $5.30. There’s also a Reuben for $4.75 and a BLT for $4.75. A mini tuna or chicken salad sandwich is $4.75, and wraps are available at $4.75 for a veggie to a two meat version for $6.75.

Normally, I would give a little advice for a restaurant whose management or food could use a little update, but Joe D’s seems to be chugging along just fine without it. In fact, I’m willing to concede that my two experiences with Joe D’s were anomalies and that the crowd keeps coming because they’ve been satisfied for years.

Joe D’s

Address: 2329 Ingleside Ave.

Phone: 478-745-4118


Hours: 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Payment: Cash, credit

Smoking: No

Alcohol: No

Kids Menu: No

Noise Level: Low

Health Rating: 100

Price range: $3.75-$7.25

Rating: 2 stars

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