Macon father stayed up all night to give his daughter snow

alopez@macon.comJanuary 7, 2014 

When Anna Katherine Gregory was 5, she wished for snow.

Her father bought a machine and granted her wish.

“He always finds a way,” said Anna Katherine, now a ninth-grade student at Mount de Sales Academy.

When she left school Tuesday afternoon, she returned to her north Macon home and found it covered in white.

Her father, Roger Gregory, stayed up all night Monday working with his snow machine to blanket the family’s front yard.

His snow machine, the SG7 Xstream Snowmaker, is capable of producing 225 cubic feet of snow per hour, but only under the right conditions.

“The temperature has to be below 28 degrees and low humidity in order to make actual snow,” said Laurie Gregory, Anna Katherine’s mother.

Extended cold temperatures Monday and Tuesday in the midstate made snow-making conditions perfect.

The machine blows out snow automatically, but in order to evenly distribute it, he had to reposition it periodically throughout the night Monday.

As a result, several inches of snow carpeted his driveway all day Tuesday. Bushes and trees in front of his house were frosted white. Roger Gregory also created a slope for sleds starting at to the end of his driveway to the foot of his three-car garage, complete with a large snow mound for soft crashes.

Anna Katherine enjoyed her snow Tuesday afternoon alongside two classmates from Mount De Sales. The three girls, wearing matching camouflage print jackets and boots, rode skim boards designed for the beach down her driveway slope.

Watching, Laurie Gregory said she wants to enjoy her daughter while she can. Her eldest son is currently away at college.

“In a couple of years she will probably be beyond the age of wanting to do anything with us, so while we can, we’re going to do what we can,” she said.

Heather Eilen, who moved into the neighborhood seven months ago, arrived with her 14-month-old son so he could play, too.

“It will probably be the only snow I ever see in Macon,” Eilen said.

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