‘Routine’ day for newly-consolidated Bibb sheriff’s office

jmink@macon.comJanuary 1, 2014 

All was relatively quiet on the first day for the new, consolidated Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.

“It’s been very quiet, about what we’d expect on a holiday,” Sheriff David Davis said. “It’s just been routine.”

But for several deputies and civilian workers, that routine has undergone some changes. Wednesday marked the first official day of the Macon-Bibb County government, and the last of the city’s former police officers were sworn-in Tuesday as deputies with the sheriff’s office. Now, the sheriff’s office has nearly 800 total employees -- more than 600 deputies and about 160 civilians.

For many, the biggest changes will be in jurisdiction. Some former police officers, for example, will now respond to calls from unincorporated areas of the county -- areas they were not necessarily familiar with as city police officers, Davis said. Still, the job remains the same, he said.

“Their jurisdictional lines have changed some,” he said. “But their day-to-day work hasn’t changed.”

In the short-term, the challenges involve making sure everyone is properly equipped and working out employees’ schedules, Davis said.

“But as we move forward,” he said, “we’re making adjustments as needed.”

But, judging by the official first day, the transition is smooth so far, Davis said. After all, officials have been planning for this day for about a year, Davis said.

Officials had planned a new organizational system for the consolidated law enforcement, and everyone knew where to go and what to do when the day came, he said.

Now, the sheriff’s office is looking forward to the new year, Davis said.

“It’s been an all-year process to get us where we are today ... and it’s really working,” he said.

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