AC Pup looks back and then looks ahead

December 27, 2013 

Well, we’re winding down another eventful year. In just a matter of hours we’ll say goodbye to 2013, and we’ll start a brand new year filled with incredible potential.

I’m humbled by my nonprofit group Central Georgia CARES’ accomplishments in 2013 and how we were able to help animals. We made a positive impact in our community to help pets and people, and we expect to do even more in 2014.

This year I completed my third year of being a weekly columnist in the Totally Terrific Telegraph. By now I’ve written over 160 articles that you’ve been kind enough to read.

It’s still hard typing on my computer with these big paws. Maybe if I were a Chihuahua it would be a little easier. Thank goodness for editors.

Another one of CARES’ initiatives that met with spectacular success in 2013 is our CARES Homeless Pet Club. This club combines the efforts of businesses, schools and community groups in helping to promote adoptions of homeless pets sheltered by local rescue groups.

I’m happy to report that CARES Homeless Pet Club assisted in the adoptions of more than 700 pets. This is an accomplishment we’re really proud of, because it not only saves lives but it also creates a cohesive partnership between community members and local rescue groups to address the homeless pet issue in our area.

One great benefit of working so hard to get homeless pets from our area into really great homes was being named the national Homeless Pet Club’s mascot in 2013. That was pretty exciting and so was the news conference in Atlanta I went to for the announcement.

Speaking of being recognized on a national level, I was so grateful to win the national Dog TV Logo contest in 2013. How incredibly thrilling to win that title from a television station designed for pets!

Then CARES and our own Dr. George McCommon conducted monthly, low-cost vaccine clinics in 2013. We were able to make sure more than 100 pets were vaccinated for a very low charge. CARES then shared the proceeds of those vaccination clinics with local rescue groups.

In fact, CARES annually shares a portion of our bounty with local rescue groups. They’re heroes, and we want to help them any way we can.

And because spay and neuter is so critical, CARES paid for surgery and medical expense for more than 225 pets. We intend to help reduce the number of stray animals.

Of course, these things CARES and I have done this year are in addition to visiting daily with my almost 12,000 Facebook friends. I treasure the opportunity to help them find lost pets, rejoice with them when they’re reunited, help them with sick or injured pets and to grieve with them when a beloved pet goes to heaven.

Yes, it’s been an exceptionally successful year, and 2014 is slated to be even better. But CARES and I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without you. Thank you for believing in what we do and helping us make a difference.

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