This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013

December 25, 2013 

This is Viewpoints for Wednesday, Dec. 25, 2013

Against guns?

The mayor of Macon is a pawn for Bloomberg and is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, that supports Democratic anti-gun politicians and also supports Obama’s gun control. He is an enemy to every gun owner in Georgia, he should resign from this group.

-- Ronald Schwartz


There are 11 Georgia mayors who are members of MAIG, including Atlanta and Augusta.

-- Editors

Looking for a mirror

The next time someone says you’re wearing “the ugly Christmas sweater,” check out what your critic is wearing. Where’s a two-way mirror when you need one?

-- Lula J. Larkin

Warner Robins

‘Duck Dynasty’

To those folks that don’t like the remarks made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, here’s a news flash: About 50 percent of Americans agree with him. There was a time, not long ago, that giving an honest answer to an unsolicited question was considered proper. GQ asked and received his heartfelt answer.

This is not the first attack against Robertson and his family. A politically incorrect group recently called for the cancellation of “Duck Dynasty” because he dared to bless the table at the family meals.

This family didn’t seek the fame that has won the hearts of so many people and they don’t need the money earned from the show. It is just the latest protest launched against conservative America. Hopefully the Robertson family will gather and answer in song to the A&E Network the Johnny Paycheck tune “Take This Job and Shove It.” Trashing a good man for speaking his mind serves no useful purpose.

-- Tommy Parker



Re: John Kelly on Fred Van Hartesveldt’s letter on the need for historic black colleges. I attended Fort Valley State University after two years out of state and two years in the United States Army. I had a serious math deficiency, never even had a day of high school algebra, reading and writing problems, probably would have not been admitted to most colleges in Georgia at that time. At Fort Valley State, instructors took time giving me one-on-one sessions, assisting me personally because they understood my struggles. They reviewed tests that I failed and always encouraged me. Any other college probably would have given up. However, I started working with the IRS as a GS-5 and eventually transferred to Robins Air Force Base where I retired moret than two years ago as a GS-13 flight director. Some people might not need nurturing but some do.

For all of you who think Historically Black Colleges and Universities aren’t challenging enough and the course work weak, think about this. If Fort Valley State can take an academically weak student like me and transform them into second-line management, flight director, just think what it could do with a high school honor graduate.

-- Charles McGhee

Warner Robins

No Republican votes

In response to Samuel Sapp’s letter in the Dec. 20 Telegraph, Sapp said, “It is a shame that our Republican legislators spend so much time obstructing the Affordable Care Act instead of trying to make it work.” The greater shame is that it passed without one Republican vote because Speaker Nancey Pelosi and the Democrats crammed it through without allowing Republicans in Congress to even read it.

Queen Nancy even proclaimed that “We need to pass this so that we can find out what is in it.” Is there anyone with an ounce of sense who now will question why Republicans almost totally oppose it?

-- Charlie McCutchen



Millions of formerly insured citizens will soon lose health care due to this government’s pathetic attempt to provide health insurance for all Americans at no cost to any Democratic voters anywhere. It is predicted (by folks who actually read the law) that 50-100 million people will soon lose health care coverage due to Obamacare. That’s going to be a lot of ticked off voters. I wonder, as the 2016 election nears, say February or March 2015, will President Obama sign an executive order delaying all illnesses until after the election. That should be small potatoes for the man who promised “the oceans will stop their rise and the Earth shall begin to heal” once he was elected.

-- John Brogden

Warner Robins

Think before you buy

I just read the article about Kerri Fickling’s offer to pay for having female dogs spayed. I think that is wonderful and I applaud her. I know she can’t possible have all females spayed, but think of all the puppies that won’t be born because of her having 2,000 spayed. That could result in over 10,000 dogs not being born to run the street, being killed, etc.

The only part of the article I took issue with is Dr. Ivey Dennard’s remark that “folks don’t have the operation because they can’t afford it... it may cut the grocery bill to feed their children.” Yes, I know that is probably very true, but it shouldn’t be.

If you can’t afford a dog and take care of all of its needs, you should not have a dog. Dogs are wonderful and I have a precious one, but I would not have him if I could not afford to take care of him. So I am asking people please do not get a dog that you can’t afford. It is not fair to your children.

-It is not fair to you and it certainly is not fair to the dog.

-- Betty Parker


prayer for today

Lord, Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. You are the reason for the season. Let us remember to honor you all year long, especially at Christmas. Thank you for baby Jesus and for his ministry here on Earth. Mankind has never been the same since Jesus’ birth. We are never the same when we receive him into our hearts. Because of you we can have a great Christmas. Amen.

-- Alice M. Pritchett


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