AC Pup: All we want for Christmas

December 20, 2013 

All Jesse Faust wants for Christmas is a little help building an escape-proof pen for Lady, who is quite the getaway girl.


I’m so lucky to know the sweetest people. Every time I’ve expressed a need, whether it’s to check on a lost pet or help someone with pet food, the folks in our hometown always respond in a big way.

During the Christmas season people are even more thoughtful of others and even more willing to help. I’m amazed at how tender our hearts are this time of year and how we seem to be in touch with what really matters in life. Wouldn’t it be great to keep this spirit of caring for others throughout the year?

Christmas is certainly the time of year we really focus on giving our loved ones the perfect gifts. We want to choose the gifts that will bring the most joy and be treasured for years to come.

My friend Mr. Jesse Faust, the disabled gentleman I’ve mentioned before, has one wish for Christmas. It’s what he wants more than anything in the world. That’s to have his dog, Lady, live with him at his personal care home.

You may recall Mr. Jesse and Lady. They were hit by a car in April on U.S. 41 when he was returning Lady to the Save a Pet shelter where she lives. The wreck damaged his wheelchair. Thank goodness wonderful people donated a wheelchair for Mr. Jesse to use to visit his dog.

Now Mr. Jesse and Lady have another pressing need. The Save a Pet shelter has moved, and Lady must be out of her current location by the first week in January.

The wonderful people at Mr. Jesse’s personal care home are allowing him to build a pen for Lady on their property. That’s where we need your help.

You see, Lady is a master escape artist. No matter how dainty and feminine she looks in the tutu and dresses Mr. Jesse puts on her, she is one tough cookie when it comes to keeping her confined in a pen.

She just laughs at chain-link fencing. She may even hold the record for the shortest amount of time taken to escape a fence.

So that’s why her pen must be custom-made of durable materials. We want to build it of expanded steel and cinder blocks with a cement pad or some other sturdy material for flooring.

We need donations of materials, money and volunteers. If you have strong burly relatives home for the holidays who would like to work on this worthwhile project, you’d help make Mr. Jesse’s Christmas dream come true. If you can help with materials or with labor, please email me at Tax-deductible donations may be sent to Central Georgia CARES, 520 Professional Drive Suite 2, Macon, GA 31201 or through Paypal at

Won’t you help reunite Mr. Jesse and Lady for the holidays?

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