Get adventurous at Bombay City Indian Restaurant

Telegraph correspondentDecember 20, 2013 


Items available on the Bombay City Indian Restaurant lunch buffet include chicken curry, samosa, chana masala, bastmata rice dal fry, tandoori and nan bread.


Ed Grisamore recently did a column about yours truly and asked me a stumper: what would I eat for my last meal? After clarifying that it had to be a genuine meal and chocolate didn’t count, I decided Indian food would be my choice.

Indian food is perfect: it’s creamy; it has lots of different textures; it’s often grilled; it can be spicy, or even vegetarian. If you haven’t experienced Indian food to your liking, Bombay City Indian Restaurant may be the spot to try it again.

It’s easy to find behind the S&S Cafeteria on Eisenhower Parkway, and the best way to start would be to try the lunch buffet from 11:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Once you have discovered which type of food you like, you can always come back for that item for dinner.

If you come for dinner, start with the chicken pakoras for an appetizer. They are very similar to chicken nuggets and even the kiddos will be lulled into thinking this Indian stuff is a breeze.

The batter they use at Bombay City is like a tempura, with mild seasoning in the batter rather than the chicken itself. Another friendly appetizer are the samosas, vegetable-filled little turnovers that prove India loves fried food as much as we do in the South.

If you catch them young enough, kids love Bhel puri, a puffed rice and potato snack that is sort of like snacking on cereal. The tamarind sauce that holds it loosely together is sweet and a little sour, the two flavors kids like most.

Adults will love almost everything on the menu and should be capable of choosing their level of spiciness. I always start a little lower than usual so I can taste the other flavors, but if you’re feeling bold, go for it.

The chicken tiki masala, a tomato and butter based sauce, is what I would probably choose for that last meal, and it’s fantastic here. Anything from the tandoori oven will be delicious, as will the curries, from the coconutty korma to the spicy vindaloo. But I want to sing the praises of the lowly paneer.

Paneer is a homemade cheese that looks sort of like tofu.

As paneer must be made in-house, it is an excellent gauge of how good a restaurant is.

The paneer at Bombay City is fresh, tender and so richly flavorful, I highly recommend one of the dishes made with it. I chose their Paneer Makhani, a completely vegetarian dish made with tomatoes, cream and spices. I’m sure their mutter, saag and bhurji (peas, spinach and bell peppers, respectively) versions are just as good, but once you find something you love this much, it’s hard to try something else.

So put on your adventure pants and go try Bombay City. Let me know what you think.

Bombay City Indian Restaurant

Address: 3720 Bloomfield Village Drive

Phone: 478-845-2283


Hours: 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Friday; noon-11 p.m. Saturday-Sunday

Payment: Cash, credit

Smoking: No

Alcohol: No

Kids Menu: Yes

Noise Level: Low

Wheelchair accessible: Yes

Health Rating: 94

Price range: $7-$14

Rating: 3 stars

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