Commission has one last chance

December 20, 2013 

In a little more than a week, the Bibb County Commission will cease to exist, yet, a decision it should make this morning will be what they will be remembered for long after other memories fade. People will soon forget who pushed the special purpose local option sales tax that was responsible for attracting Tractor Supply or the three new firehouses or the recreation centers on the drawing boards. No, this morning, the commission will decide on the builder for the new animal shelter -- and that shelter will -- rightly or wrongly -- carry their legacy into the future.

The top two bidders are extremely capable of building the shelter, one local and one not so local. Somewhere along the line, one builder was given credit for building the Warner Robins shelter until some problems with that construction appeared, now that claim has been withdrawn. But our shelter is not like the Warner Robins’ shelter. Our shelter, if constructed properly, will be a showcase for how an animal shelter should be built and operated. It’s not going to be a hold-’em-until-we-euthanize-them type shelter, but will be equipped with a small animal hospital and room for the animals to run almost free.

The builder selected needs to have some skin in the game. Local animal activist are sure to point out where they think the design or construction misses the mark. A local builder has a reputation to uphold and that doesn’t really happen when a builder is not from the community.

We are not asking for special treatment for an unqualified builder, but one that has specific experience in constructing the type of building we want and deserve. And, someone that can be held accountable by the community for making it so.

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