Prosecutors target violent Macon gangs

jkovac@macon.comDecember 17, 2013 

Bibb County prosecutors are sending what they hope is a message to the city’s street gangs, blaming nine suspected members of two groups with a string of crimes -- shootings, armed robberies, thefts and drug dealings.

A pair of grand jury indictments returned Tuesday in Bibb County Superior Court outline numerous charges against alleged members of the Alley Boys, said to be a branch of the widely known Bloods. The other gang cited calls itself MOE, short for Money Over Everything.

Authorities began building their cases during the summer.

Their aim: to snuff out gang crime. Or at least put word out that conspiring outlaws best think twice.

“The message is, if you’re in a gang, get out -- or pay the consequences,” Bibb District Attorney David Cooke said. “We’re just getting started. ... This is going to be a continued priority for my office.”

One of Tuesday’s indictments, 28 counts in all, names half a dozen of MOE’s suspected members, two of whom were jailed on murder charges in May in connection with a double slaying in Monroe County.

Alleged MOE members face multiple armed robbery and carjacking charges, as well as kidnapping, burglary, theft, drug-distribution and gang-activity charges.

The other indictment accuses three alleged Alley Boys of a string of May shootings and gang activity.

Typically, such crimes are prosecuted individually. But Cooke says the way to crack down on them is with the state’s Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, which increases the penalties for many crimes.

He said it also lets the state “tell the jury the whole story so they get context. They hear the motivation for these defendants committing these crimes.”

Cooke said, “They work together to destabilize and terrify a community. So we’re prosecuting them together. ... Just like they all share in the profits, they can all share in the sentence and the punishment.”

Alleged members of the Alley Boys indicted Tuesday were Kenya L. Gay, 20, Terry Glover, 22, and Elbert Jordan, 23.

The three are charged with four aggravated assaults May 27, when three people were shot at and one was pistol whipped. Gay and Glover are already in jail. An arrest warrant will be issued for Jordan.

The 28-count, 17-page MOE indictment, which one official referred to as “a novella,” lists a bevy of charges against five young men and a 20-year-old woman.

Prosecutor John Regan, an assistant district attorney, said MOE “went on an absolute crime spree” last spring.

Marquincio A. Simmons, 18, along with accused Monroe County killers Marquez D. Martin, 19, and Jordan K. Maxwell, 19, are charged with three carjackings, two stickups and a smash-and-grab burglary at Macon Gun and Pawn. The alleged crimes happened between April 21 and May 3.

Simmons, Martin and Maxwell are in jail.

Three other suspects are wanted -- including Shacor N. Brinson-Lamptey, 18, who prosecutors say was in on the Macon Gun and Pawn heist, where bandits plowed into the shop with a truck and stole more than $1,500 worth of pistols.

Alleged MOE members Justice B. Sapp, 20, and a Keyonna M. West, 20, are charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The two also face gang-activity charges.

Regan said, “It is not a good day for MOE.”

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