How to choose, care for poinsettias

December 15, 2013 

How to choose, care for poinsettias

How to choose, care for poinsettias

When buying poinsettias, look for:

• Large colorful leaves.

• Dark green foliage.

• A compact plant that doesn’t look leggy.

On the way home, cover it with plastic, newspaper or a bag, and do not put it in an unheated trunk.

When you get home:

• Put it in bright, indirect light with cool conditions and medium to high humidity.

• Keep away from windows, doors and drafts where the plant may get gusts of cold air.

• Keep away from heating vents and fireplaces.

• Check daily and water whenever the soil is dry. Do not let it wilt, but don’t water if the soil is wet.

• Water with room-temperature water thoroughly until the water drains out, and then empty the catch tray.

• Make a hole in foil-wrapped pots to allow water to drain into a catch tray.

Source: The University of Georgia’s Cooperative Extension Service

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