EDITORIAL: Can this election be trusted?

December 13, 2013 

Superior Court Judge Stephen Boswell ordered a new election to be held Jan. 14 in the disputed District 2 race that was decided by 26 votes.

His order, as far as it goes, was proper. However, we wish he could have taken the matter further. Now that it is a matter of record that the Oct. 15 runoff election was mishandled, aren’t voters in District 2, and all the other districts, owed an explanation of what went awry?

The Bibb County Board of Elections and its representatives have constantly stated, starting when discrepancies were found during early voting in September, that the problems had been fixed. They were not. What assurances can be made and by whom, that the district maps and who can vote in the districts is correct? How many voters cast ballots in the wrong districts during the General Election? We should know even though the margins may have not altered the final outcomes.

The Jan. 14 election may settle the matter of who will represent District 2; however, unanswered questions still remain that hang over the elections of 2013 like a fog. It’s best that the Board of Elections or the Secretary of State’s office clear the fog before Jan. 14.

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