Riddle: New local record store something to be treasured

December 13, 2013 

The signs of life downtown seem to be growing on an almost daily basis. It seems each week there is talk of a new residence development, restaurant, nightlife spot or a new small business retail shop.

We’ve recently seen the Crazy Bull give downtown a spot to hear country music. Robinson Home opened up to give all of us home kitchen chefs a place to pick up the utensils we need to do our best cooking.

But the shop that got me the most excited is Fresh Produce Records, located at 451 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. I have been a record collector since my mother bought me a 45 single of Diana Ross’s “Upside Down” at age 3. I never stopped buying records after that, and I still have most of what I bought as a child.

There are a few spots where you can buy records around town. Lafayette Records and Tapes on Second Street and Habersham’s Records on Montpelier Avenue come to mind. I’ve also had some great finds at Smiley’s Flea Market as well as the thrift store here in town. I’ve had some incredible digging in the crates moments at all of these places.

However, I didn’t have a spot here in Macon like the record store that I grew to love in my hometown of Detroit or like I was sure to stop at anytime I went out of town. These shops would have live performances and special release days, like Record Store Day, which happens annually on the third Saturday in April.

This event takes place at record stores all around the world and there are lines waiting to get in the stores on those days. It’s an old fashioned way of shopping in today’s world of music where the norm is downloading a new album as soon as it’s released. But for us collectors, it’s what makes our obsessive hobby worth it.

With Fresh Produce Records we have a chance to see some of those special moments right here in Macon. They guys behind Fresh Produce, Willie D and Clark Bush, have been longtime contributors to Macon’s music scene so it makes sense that they bring us this endeavor. They’ve got a long way to go to become a big player where they are part of the Record Store Day lists, but with support from local bands and collectors they could grow into a local treasure.

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