Byron council mulls customer service job

Telegraph correspondentDecember 9, 2013 

BYRON -- City Council hopes creating a customer service position will increase customer satisfaction at City Hall.

The council unanimously approved the job description for a new customer service/administrative assistant position during its regular meeting Monday.

The recommendation came from Councilman Mike Chumbley who heads the city’s personnel committee. The idea was endorsed by Councilman Michael Chidester, who said the city needs to provide a “face” at City Hall to help the public with general inquiries or paying city utilities and taxes.

Currently residents pick up a phone at City Hall and are directed to help on such matters.

Chidester said he has received complaints in the past several months about issues he hopes a person filling the new position will solve. He said the complaints were not about unfriendly service but were about unresolved issues, unclear information and “the job not getting done.”

Among other things, the job description says the person filling the new role will provide “front line customer service” and “one stop assistance to customers whenever possible.”

That employee also will provide general administrative assistance at City Hall with records retention, bank reconciliations and other related duties.

No salary was given for the position. Officials said it could be filled by internal promotion or from a new hire.

In other business, the council heard a first reading of an ordinance regarding its October decision to raise the city’s hotel-motel tax by 1 percent.

The City Council is raising the tax at the request of the Byron Convention & Visitors Bureau and with the approval of a variety of Byron hotel and motel owners.

If approved after a second reading, presumably in January, the ordinance would raise the hotel-motel tax from 5 to 6 percent. Funds collected through the tax are used to promote Byron tourism.

Four hotel owners and managers attended the October council meeting and agreed the increase is warranted.

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