Call for the mailbag

semerson@macon.comDecember 9, 2013 

And so the long, slow walk towards the bowl game begins, a bowl game which few want to see, which players already seem ambivalent about, and coaches might prefer to skip so they can recruit. But it must be played, because ... well, they say it must.

No one says we must have a mailbag. We just have it because we like it. So let's do it.

Please submit your question, or comment requesting response, via e-mail at, or tweeting at @sethemerson, or posting in the comment section below.

As always I do request, but do not require, that you provide your full name and city/state of residence. (Or country, in the case of some of our overseas readers.) The more focused the submission, the more likely it is to be answered. And by "more focused," that usually means shorter, but not always.

I'll post the mailbag later in the week. Fire away.

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