AC Pup: Dog and cat have enduring love for each other

December 6, 2013 

Behr and Princess share a real love story.

I love stories about rescuing animals. Whether it’s someone rescuing a kitty out of a tree or a child rescuing a puppy, stories of rescue and adoption warm my heart. But the story of the big black dog and little stray kitty who adopted each other made my heart melt.

For full disclosure, I’m partial to black animals. They get a bad rap, whether it’s black cats people are superstitious of or black dogs routinely overlooked in shelters.

Watch for yourself the next time you visit a shelter. People walk past a black pet as if it’s invisible. I’ll always be a promoter of sweet black animals, and I hope you will, too.

Behr is a huge, black dog that is a delightful mix of Labrador retriever and maybe shepherd, but it’s really anybody’s guess. He was a rescue Mr. Matt and Miss JoAnne Parker gave to each other as an anniversary gift in July 2012. They immediately fell in love with his calm spirit.

So the three of them were a happy family enjoying life and going on fabulous walks. It was on one of those walks in October 2012 that everything changed. Behr heard a meow, went to investigate and found a tiny kitten near a large metal trash container.

Not all dogs are fans of kittens, but Behr’s parents were amazed at how gentle he was with this baby girl. The little kitten sensed Behr’s kindness as well and started following him.

Over the course of the next month, the Parker’s watched the relationship between Behr and the stray kitty develop into a deep love. When Behr went for his walks, the kitty would run to him and rub up against him in sheer joy.

When Behr was inside, the kitty they called Princess would sit in a tree next to their apartment just hoping for a glimpse of Behr through the window. The Parkers knew they had to adopt Princess.

For the past year since the adoption, Princess and Behr have been inseparable. Behr, the big teddy bear, offers Princess the security of knowing he’ll protect her and she’ll never be a stray again.

He and Princess enjoy each other immensely. In fact, Behr intentionally wags his tail so Princess can play with it and bat it around. Then they play chase throughout the house.

Since Princess is an inside kitty now, it’s incredible to watch her reaction when Behr goes out for his walks. She frantically bounces from window to window watching him while he’s outside. And, of course, as soon as he returns to her, she runs to him with her trademark display of affection and incessant purring.

The love between the huge black dog and the previously stray kitty is undeniable. They chose each other and have proven once again that adopting a homeless pet can bring you pleasure beyond measure.

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