Locals react to Mandela’s death

December 5, 2013 

Locals react to Mandela’s death

“(Mandela) had as great an impact on the world as Dr. (Martin Luther) King (Jr.) had on this nation. He was one in a lifetime. The sacrifices he made, we will not see again.”

Virgil Adams, Bibb County attorney

“His life was about the power of forgiveness. When we forgive we can move forward. He was the definition of a servant-leader. His leadership empowered others to lead.”

Beverly Blake, Knight Foundation

“Mandela was the moral conscience of the world. We need to take a lesson from him about healing. He will certainly be missed for what he stood for. He moved from persecution to reconciliation.”

Sam Hart, Bibb County Commission Chairman

Mandela was “one of the few figures in history who endured what he endured and called for reconciliation rather than revenge. A large-souled human being.”

Peter C. Brown, professor of philosophy, Mercer University

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