All-Region 2-AAAA Football Team

jheeter@macon.comDecember 5, 2013 


Westside quarterback DeQavius Walker scrambles under pressure from Northside' s Thomas Brown near the Northside end zone.


2-AAAA All-Region Football Team

Offensive player of the year – Deqavius Walker-Sr-Westside

Defensive player of the year – Cortez Broughton-Sr-Veterans

All Purpose player of the year – Akebren Ralls-Sr-Mary Persons

Scholar Athlete of the year – Thomas Lowery-Sr-Mary Persons

Coach of the year – David Bruce-Veterans

First team offense

QB- Tajihea Chambers-Jr-Baldwin

RB- Montez Cheney-Sr-Rutland

RB- Kentavious Thomas-Jr-Baldwin

TE- Chris Watts-Sr-Veterans

WR- Jacari Mann-Sr-Westside

WR- Shakenneth Williams-Sr-Rutland

WR – Brandon Goodman-Jr-Baldwin

OL- Trent Payne-Sr-Veterans

OL- Jamal Green-Sr-West Laurens

OL- Randall Grier-Sr-Rutland

OL- Cody Doolittle-Sr-Howard

OL- Sam Watson-Sr-Mary Persons

First team defense DL- Demarcus Davis-Jr-Mary Persons

DL- Marquise Franklin-Sr-Veterans

DL- Raekwon Eppers-Sr-Westside

DL- Janarian Lowe-Sr-Howard

LB- Will Nobles-Sr-Veterans

LB- Tra Taylor-Sr-Mary Persons

LB- Tradonis Causey-Soph-Westside

LB- Legarion Young-Sr-West Laurens

DB- Maalik Leggette-Sr-Veterans

DB- Rashaad Bolton-Jr-Veterans

DB- Quavez Hill-Jr-Baldwin

DB- Quen Head-Jr-Mary Persons

First team special teams

K- Tim Yalcin-Sr-Veterans

P – Tim Yalcin-Sr-Veterans

RET – Akbren Ralls-Sr-Mary Persons

Second team offense

QB-Timori Northcutt-Jr-Rutland

RB- Dee High-Jr-Mary Persons

RB- Ben Thomas-Jr-Veterans

TE- Demontae Coney-Sr-Westside

WR- Justin Smith-Jr-West Laurens

WR- Nick Anderson-Sr-Veterans

WR- KJ Smith-Jr-Perry

OL- Tyler Camp-Jr-Mary Persons

OL- Jeremy King-Sr-Westside

OL- Ashton Strange-Soph-Perry

OL- Garrison Hogan-Sr-Baldwin

OL- Justin Sims-Sr-Veterans

Second team defense

DL- Jamar Simmons-Jr-Veterans

DL- Sam Dumas-Jr-Veterans

DL- Carvin Burnett-Sr-West Laurens

DL- Kareem Warren-Soph-Westside

LB- Jimel Dean-Soph-Rutland

LB-Aren Taylor-Sr-Veterans

LB- Quen Shannon-Jr-Mary Persons

LB- Shawn Green-Sr-Perry

DB- DJ Rozier-Jr-Veterans

DB- Marquez Sanford-Jr-Westside

DB- Devonte Ellington-Sr-Rutland

DB- Dearrius Oliver-Sr-Rutland

DB- Keri Brown-Jr-Mary Persons

Second team special teams

K- Daniel Ward-Sr-Perry

P- Daniel Ward-Sr-Perry

RET- Jacari Mann-Sr-Westside

Honorable Mention – Offense

QB- Logan Byrd-Soph-Veterans, Cal King-Jr-Mary Persons, Garrel Quainton-Jr-West Laurens

RB- Cedric Hollingshed-Jr-Westside, Jaquan Stinson-Soph-Howard, Darius Bradford-Fr-West Laurens, Nick Turner-Sr-West Laurens, Desjuan Harris-Soph-Veterans

TE- Kameron Jackson-Jr-West Laurens, Rod Patterson-Sr-Mary Persons

WR- JT Stokes-Jr-Mary Persons, Malik Bledsoe-Jr-Mary Persons

OL- Jessie Sohn-Jr-West Laurens, Dillon Hanners-Sr-Perry, Trevan Gresham-Jr-Baldwin, Andrew Anderson-Sr-Rutland

Honorable Mention – Defense

DL- Brian Davis-Sr-Rutland, Quinton Jones-Sr-Rutland, Cody Selph-Sr-West Laurens, Chad Howard-Jr-Perry, Tyler McGhee-Sr-Perry, Malik Herring-Fr-Mary Persons

LB- Matthew Hearst-Soph-Veterans, Able Grant-Jr-Howard, Quondarius Holsey-Jr-Baldwin, Devonte Smith-Jr-Westside, Cole Lavendar-Soph-Perry, Matthew Turner-Jr-West Laurens

DB- Jacorey Harris-Jr-Perry, Davonta Danielly-Jr-Perry, Jacob Cornett-Jr-Veterans, Deandre Rozier-Sr-West Laurens, Calvin Walker-Jr-West Laurens, Courry Walker-Sr-Mary Persons, BJ Bawn-Jr-Rutland, Reggie Braxton-Jr-Westside

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