Centerville council alters liquor license approval process

Telegraph correspondentDecember 3, 2013 

CENTERVILLE -- City Council will no longer vote to approve or disapprove liquor licenses in the city.

Council members voted unanimously to leave the approval or denial of liquor licenses in the hands of the city clerk’s office, which will approve licenses to businesses if the requirements are successfully completed.

According to City Attorney Rebecca Tydings, applicants still must meet the same standards and undergo the same scrutiny of city officers and Centerville police. She said in the past, and currently, any business passing all aspects of the licensing process did not technically need council approval since it had successfully met requirements.

However, Tydings said council will still retain the option to review and revoke liquor licenses if necessary.

Also at Tuesday’s regular meeting, council members unanimously voted to alter the city’s yard sale ordinance to more specifically deal with yard sale definitions, yard sale signs and related matters.

Tydings told council the added elements of the ordinance were not to make it hard on residents wishing to conduct normal, occasional yard sales but to protect neighborhoods from rare abuses and “perpetual sales.”

The measure covers a variety of terminology such as yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, attic sales, rummage sales and similar sales as well as limiting such sales to four times a year.

The ordinance also requires that signs for sales not be put up more than seven days prior to the event and that they be taken down within 24 hours after it is over.

In other business, council voted to give city employees, other than required police, fire and emergency workers, both Christmas and New Year’s eves off in addition to Christmas and New Year’s days.

Councilman Ed Tucker, who recommended the time off, said granting the added holidays was one way for council members to show city workers their appreciation.

Tucker said those who had to work while other employees were granted time off, such as required police, fire and emergency workers, would receive added compensation as outlined in the city’s employee manual.

Council also took a moment at the end of its meeting to encourage Middle Georgians to come watch their annual illuminated Christmas parade Saturday evening. The parade primarily runs along Houston Lake Boulevard from Thomson Road to the Houston County Galleria mall.

Councilman Randall Wright was absent from the meeting.

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