This week's AP top 25 ballot: A new No. 1

semerson@macon.comDecember 1, 2013 

After an eventful Saturday, here's how my very revised Associated Press top 25 ballot looked on Sunday morning:

1. Florida State
2. Ohio State
3. Auburn
4. Alabama
5. Missouri
6. Oklahoma State
7. Baylor
8. Michigan State
9. Stanford
10. Oregon
11. South Carolina
12. Arizona State
13. Clemson
14. Northern Illinois
15. Oklahoma
16. UCLA
17. LSU
18. UCF
19. Louisville
20. Duke
21. Notre Dame
22. Texas A&M
23. Iowa
24. Wisconsin
25. Vanderbilt

Out: Fresno State, USC.
In: Iowa, Vanderbilt.


- So Florida State at No. 1 is a no-brainer. Yes, in the grand scheme of things the Seminoles' haven't played a tough schedule, but they've obliterated that schedule. Ohio State, on the other hand ...

- The Buckeyes get the No. 2 spot in my poll this week, but I'm leaning towards bumping the SEC championship winner to No. 2 if the Buckeyes don't look good against Michigan State in the Big Ten championship. Yes, the Spartans are also a one-loss team, but ultimately the Big Ten is so much weaker than the SEC this year, it seems unfair to penalize a one-loss SEC champion. We'll see how it plays out next week.

- Luckily for me, the AP doesn't figure into the BCS formula. (I wouldn't choose to vote if it did, and that's why the AP asked to be pulled from the BCS.)

- You could really put Auburn, Alabama and Missouri in any order and make a good argument. I put it the way I did because Missouri's lone loss was at home, and then Auburn deserves the nod over Alabama because of head-to-head.

- I want to put Northern Illinois in the top 10, I really do. But the Huskies just aren't blowing enough teams out.

- Fresno State falls out with its first loss, because it didn't have a great resume'. USC falls out after losing to UCLA. That left spots for two teams. Georgia and Texas got heavy consideration, but ultimately I went with Iowa and Vanderbilt.

- Iowa's four losses are all to ranked teams. It owns four road wins, including at Minnesota and Nebraska.

- Then it was Vanderbilt over Georgia, mainly because of head-to-head. The Commodores aren't beating anybody convincingly, but they don't really have a bad loss (the worst is at home to Ole Miss in the season opener). Georgia has more quality wins (LSU, South Carolina). Vanderbilt has, well, none. Vanderbilt has three road wins, while Georgia has two. So ultimately when I was looking at two teams with identical records, I had to go with the one that won the head-to-head matchup.

- It was tempting to drop Wisconsin out after losing at home to Penn State. But the Badgers, who are 8-3, do have a solid resume', the other losses coming at Arizona State and Ohio State, and wins at Iowa and Minnesota. Texas A&M also has four losses, but all to ranked teams, and has a couple road wins.

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