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December 1, 2013 

No women priests

I can sit on my front porch and sell postage stamps to my neighborhood friends and call myself a postman and refer to my home as a post office. I can dress like a postman, but without the approval of the government that is not possible and it will never happen. There have been many people found posing as policemen, sheriffs and other uniformed members of our society who were not actually whom they appeared to be. It was their fantasy.

Barbara Duff’s rant toward the kind Brother Vincent Nektarios’ explanations of the Catholic and Orthodox Christian Churches not ordaining women went right over her head. Brother Vincent is only a messenger. He did not make any of the rules or dogmas concerning the ordination of women in any church at all. He may share in the same belief. He just clarified a statement and agreed with Posey Dennis’s statement in Viewpoints of the Catholics being constantly bashed by Bill Cummings, that is all. He just shared his opinion and supported Dennis’ opinion.

There is no valid or Catholic approved “Association of Roman Catholic Women Priest,” and using the name Roman Catholic without permission of the church is forbidden. Which leaves her whole rant invalid, illicit and as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, she does not even exist.

Why would she want to waste her time and talents bickering in a church that does not accept her as a priest and never will. Duff will never reform the Catholic nor Orthodox churches at all. It is fruitless. They will turn their heads and ignore her like they have already been doing. Why not take that interest and her devout passions into a church that will embrace her desire to be a pastor, priest or preacher?

-- J.M. Bass



Just because David Oedel reported some factual information, Hakeem Mansour Ellis (the Hugo Chavez sympathizer) tells Oedel that he should show some respect for the poor. How about the poor showing some respect for the people like Oedel, who has worked and paid taxes all of his life so that the poor can benefit from his forced largesse?

I’ve watched as the unfortunate people showed up at the Food Bank in some pretty fancy cars. I’ve also seen the photos in the paper of the “poor” with a huge flat screen TV, cable box, DVD player and video game systems in the background. These people are unfortunate in that a large percentage of them are the result of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson’s Great Society and the overbearing welfare state it created.

Two full generations of Americans are so entangled in this cycle of government assistance that the work ethic has gone the way of the Dodo bird. I do not begrudge anyone the help that they need, but I’m disappointed that the complete reliance on the working class taxpayers has become a permanent way of life for far too many. No, Mr. Ellis, you have it backward -- again.

-- John Ricketson


God’s will on Earth

Jesus said much about lifting up the poor. I don’t believe Jesus demonized the rich or anyone else, but after Jesus’ encounter with the rich young ruler, he did tell his disciples how difficult it was for the wealthy to enter the kingdom.

Jesus does not force his followers to do anything, but Jesus desires the desire of our minds and hearts to be attuned to lifting up the poor. It is the right thing to do and is a manifestation of our loving God with all our heart, soul, mind, strength and our neighbor as we love ourselves.

We, the people, are the government. The same people who make up the government also make up the church. God (Jesus) is not anti-government. Government was anointed by God. It is necessary in order for any society to function in an orderly way. Its adopted public policies reflect society’s morals, or values, and the policies are only as good as we, the people, make them.

Government, along with the church, play an important role in lifting up the poor. Government makes laws, enforces them, interprets them according to constitutional guidelines. Government does justice by making just laws and by rooting out systemic injustices.

I am a Christian, but would America’s economic system, its government and Wall Street run better if everyone were a Christian? Would the poor be better served? I believe God would be pleased with an America whose churches, government and economic system work diligently for the common good and do so because that is the chief desire of people’s minds and hearts.

To me, it looks like that could be the fruition of God’s will being done on Earth. God’s will being done on Earth is what we Christians pray for when we pray the prayer Jesus taught us. God’s will can only be done on Earth through we, the people.

-- Paul L. Whiteley Sr.

Louisville, Ky.

End the attack

Let me see if I understand Christy McGill’s logic. She wants no bans on abortion even after 20 weeks “for a variety of reasons, including ... rape, incest and abuse.” How long does it take to know that one has been a victim of rape, incest or abuse? 20 weeks? I doubt it. When a homosexual tried to rape me, I was aware of what was going on early enough in the fight to be able to draw my buddies Smith and Wesson to put a stop to the event. Maybe she should consider the merits of putting an end to the attack, or even the attacker, instead of the innocent product of that attack.

-- Dan Topolewski


Virtual classroom

My child attends Connections Academy, a public, free “virtual” charter school. I was interested in this because Chanel is a competitive gymnast and needed the flexibility in her schedule to pursue her gymnastics career without sacrificing the quality of her education.

My child is an eighth-grader and Gertrude Lucas serves as her “learning coach,” the in-home person who helps keep her accountable for her assignments and diligent in her study. My child’s lessons are tailored to her style of learning. She connects every morning with her teachers and fellow students online, where she is “virtually” in the classroom

We’re all thriving under this new arrangement. The classroom is anywhere there is the Internet. Textbooks, science equipment, a computer and Internet subsidy are provided as part of the school. We even have scheduled field trips.

So, I’m writing to say thank you to the governor, the State Board of Education and General Assembly for providing funding for charter education. Thank you to all the parents, educators, students and community leaders who spoke up and said this program was needed for students across the state who are academically gifted, need extra assistance, want or need a flexible schedule, or seek an alternative to the conventional classroom. This school works. Join us,

-- Sonia Lucas


Assault on Christianity

In atheist and Muslim-dominated regions around the world, hundreds of thousands of Christians are murdered and thousands of churches are destroyed each year. The United Nations (as a body) refuses to condemn or confront these atrocities because they’re God-imposed test of faith to be endured rather than an evil to be resisted, they say.

Outside of lip service, the U.S. demonstrates little interest in defending religious freedoms abroad or at home. The oppression and harassment of Christians in America are sanctioned and even encouraged by our justice system. As Christianity is being whitewashed from our national identity and its influence on mankind diminishes, we stare unblinkingly at the screens on our electronic devices oblivious to the evil engulfing us.

A few snippets from Luke 12:49 thru 56. “I came to bring fire to the earth.” “Do you think I have come to bring peace? No, I tell you, but rather division!” “You hypocrites, you know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?”

-- Travis L. Middleton

Peach County


Not since World War II has our military been utilized to defend our country or have they won any of those wars. Our troops, many of whom were friends and relatives, perished or were severely wounded to prove what?

Those 65,000 killed and the hundreds of thousands wounded were for nothing. America is no longer respected. A trip to our largest VA hospital would let all better understand just how inhuman we have been.

-- Joe Hubbard


Prayer for Today

Here we are Lord, as you look for those whose hearts are completely yours. Here we are. Look at us; be with us. Support us in this time of need. You know our situations. You know what needs your healing touch. As we rest silently before you, keep us to be still and know you are God. Please forgive us for all of our wrong doings. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

-- Johnnie Mae Holland


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