AC Pup recounts how Harper found puppy a home

November 29, 2013 

Second-grader Harper Grant fostered a rescue puppy named Big George until her aunt’s family was settled in their new home and could take the puppy.

BONNIE IRIS — Special to The Telegraph

I visit every place I can to encourage people to be kind to animals, adopt them and spay or neuter them. I love making appearances speaking on behalf of animals.

I was fortunate enough to go to First Presbyterian Day School’s chapel where my Aunt Patti spoke on having compassion for animals. What an awesome topic. Congratulations, FPD, for acknowledging that animals are God’s wonderful creations and that we should take care of them.

I decided to take a tiny rescue puppy named Big George with me. He was the last remaining puppy in his litter. All his siblings had been adopted so I wanted the kids to see him. Little did I know that Big George’s life would change forever because of the tender heart of a precious little girl.

Harper Grant, daughter of Tim and Ashley Grant and a second-grader at FPD, was paying close attention in chapel that day. She knew all about how important is it to be kind to animals. She lives it every day.

Harper has two dogs herself named Lizzie and Jasper that she cares for. Two dogs are the maximum number allowed in Harper’s neighborhood so, as bad as she wanted Big George for herself, she knew she couldn’t have him.

That didn’t stop her from making it her project to find Big George a home. She specifically wanted someone in her own family to adopt Big George so she could watch him grow up.

So Harper got her dad to help her develop a marketing plan for Big George. They sent out texts, emails and made numerous phone calls promoting Big George. There was no stopping Harper. She was on a mission.

When Rachel English Hoover, who is Harper’s aunt, saw her enthusiasm for Big George, she thought she would help. But she lives in South Carolina and wouldn’t be able to meet him right away.

Not to be discouraged, Harper arranged for her own parents to meet Big George so they could tell her Aunt Rachel that the pup would be a wonderful addition to her family. After that very successful meet and greet, Harper’s mom told Rachel how perfect Big George would be for her family.

But there was another hurdle Harper faced. Her Aunt Rachel and her family were moving and wouldn’t be able to take Big George for a while. Even that news didn’t discourage Harper.

Harper decided she would foster Big George and care for him until her Aunt Rachel’s family was settled in their new home. That’s quite a commitment for a 7-year-old girl, but she did it!

Harper honored her commitment to Big George, and he’s now living the life of a king in South Carolina. It’s all because of the kindness of a sweet child who was determined to help a homeless puppy no matter what.

I think Harper is an incredible hero. Big George sure thinks so, too.

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