Fennelly: December is just grand with GPB broadcast

November 29, 2013 

The awareness of what a tremendous gift Santa Claus -- or more accurately the Mercer University music programs -- is going to deliver to our community this holiday season leaves me almost too overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to find words.

Every Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to express our thanks for the abundance of artistic, cultural and entertainment opportunities that enrich our lives here in the midstate. These opportunities offer such potential to improve lives within our community -- ranging from kids in school to senior citizens -- that my prayer is that more folks will become aware of the power that these assets possess.

This holiday season is going to see that lesson driven home in grand style, and our community is about to be reminded of what an extraordinary place this is.

“A Grand Mercer Christmas,” featuring talent from the Mercer Singers and the McDuffie Center for Strings, will air in December on GPB and PBS stations around the entire country. Here in Georgia, this holiday bombshell will air three times, including 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and it will do far more than just give national exposure to Mercer and its music programs. Appropriate images are seen as host Robert McDuffie -- a Macon native -- tells of the wonders of Macon, its rich musical history and its dazzling 19th century architecture (including the Grand Opera House).

The Christmas special will give Macon an explosion of national exposure that we haven’t seen since Bill Clinton played the saxophone here. Full information about the broadcasts and the cities where they will air can be found at www.MercerChristmas.com. So beautiful is the show that when I first saw a recording I had to wipe my eyes.

Come December (locally on Dec. 17, 20 and 24), America can prepare to be amazed by Macon.

It’s here!

While we’ll have to wait a few weeks to see “A Grand Mercer Christmas,” many of our entertainment riches will be coming to us live between Sunday, when the Macon Symphony Orchestra brings us “Home for the Holidays,” and Dec. 11, when “The Nutcracker” opens. In this blizzard of fabulous events comes the second appearance the Macon Pops Orchestra (on Dec. 8) and a sleighload of free events offered up by our local colleges.

Check the listings on this page.

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