Torres: Expand your horizons, try something new this weekend

November 22, 2013 

It’s that time if year, folks! That time of year where Christmas decorations go up way too early and turkeys all over the world are on suicide watch. I think last year I wrote about how Thanksgiving gets no love so I won’t do that again this year. (It’s still true though.)

Thanks to everyone who came out to our second Thursday Night Lights event at the Douglass Theatre. The next one will be Jan. 16 or 23, stay tuned.

I’ve been pretty busy and in a creative mood lately (all while riding the bus, I’m actually writing this on the bus now) and it all started with this New Zealand singer Lorde (the “Royals” song girl). Since I don’t go back on tour until January, I’ve been filling up my schedule with different ideas for Macon and how we can bridge the giant disconnect between different groups and different sides of town.

Why? Because I’m not from here, I actually care and I’m a little bored.

Back to Lorde, my fascination with her mainly came from hearing the song and not knowing who it was. The first time I heard it was from a friend of mine who is in her 30s. It’s usually hard to get my 13-year-old sister and a 30-year-old to like the same stuff. The concept of the song is strong enough to bring these two different age groups together and that’s awesome.

Lorde isn’t a bad looking girl, but she isn’t on the usual “sex mannequin” diet and wardrobe plan, and I think that adds to it. I think it shows that people are looking for more things that validate where they are in life rather than sedating them in hopes that they’ll forget. In reference to Macon, that would mean that people want more things to do that they can relate to, but don’t know where to find or how to ask for them. My point with this, that Lorde song made me more excited to figure out how we can get more people together in Macon for different things.

While I don’t have a super definitive answer yet -- and may never have it, but it’s nice to dream -- I challenge you to try one different activity this weekend in Macon.

A few suggestions: The Riverside Ballroom doesn’t have the best reputation from past events, but they really are making an effort to make that place better. I know personally cause my uncle “Talley” bartends there and I’ve tried it out a few times recently before I criticized it any longer. Go see him and tell him his nephew sent you.

My band’s new band Maryex is playing at Roasted Cafe and Lounge with Trendlenberg tonight. Trendlenberg is trying out some new sounds and Maryex is playing their first show as this new collective. Shawn Williamson (guitar) is back officially in his first band since local favorites Citizen Insane stopped playing a few years ago. It’s a free show, and you might catch me introducing these guys then jumping around in punk rock fashion.

My new thing this weekend will be going to see Montell Jordan at the Douglass on Sunday. Why? Because this is how we do it, that’s why. Have a good weekend!

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