Centerville employees to get Christmas bonuses

Telegraph correspondentNovember 19, 2013 

CENTERVILLE -- City employees will get Christmas bonuses in their paychecks this year.

City Council voted unanimously after a motion by Councilman Randall Wright to give the city’s 41 full-time employees $200 bonuses and its 10 part-time employees $100 bonuses. The employee count includes police and fire department staff and sewer and water department staff.

“I’m very pleased we can provide the bonus,” said Mayor John Harley. “It’s well deserved. I wish we could do much more.”

The bonuses, which will give employees their designated amounts as an after-tax sum, will cost the city $13,348.64.

After some debate during its regular monthly work session, council voted to purchase city coins that will be handed out in a variety of circumstances.

The coins, which Councilman Ed Tucker said follow the military tradition of presenting unit coins, will feature the city seal on one side with the city’s City of Ethics designation on the other.

Council approved ordering 100 1.75-inch coins that the mayor and council members may give out at their personal discretion and 100 3-inch coins that will be given out upon council’s agreement in a way similar to how keys to the city are used now.

Wright brought up the fact the city has four keys to the city on hand, and the city only gives away five or so in a typical year. Council members determined no more keys to the city would be purchased, and the larger coins would replace them and would be given out more freely.

Despite balking at the price, Councilman Cameron Andrews moved that council approve the purchase at the cost given since buying them in lots of 100 provided the city a dramatic price break. Council voted to pay $399 for the batch of 100 1.75-inch coins and $1,599 for 100 3-inch coins.

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