Truck set ablaze in south Bibb neighborhood

lcorley@macon.comNovember 19, 2013 

Residents in a south Bibb County neighborhood awoke to a loud bang about 2 a.m. Monday.

According to a sheriff’s report released Tuesday, a Nissan pickup parked in a lot on Hawkinsville Road was scorched beyond recognition. The license plate and vehicle identification number plates melted, and deputies could not make out the truck’s color or year.

Neighbors, however, recognized the truck.

A woman told officials it belonged to a man she knows. She said it had been parked outside her home for two weeks and had not moved since. Several neighbors told officers they saw and heard the truck driving through the neighborhood multiple times Sunday evening, hours before the blaze.

A nearby neighbor said he was on his front porch when he saw a white man dressed in all black who was running. Moments later, he said he saw another man running with a gasoline can.

“I didn’t put it together then until I saw the fire,” he said. “I thought that they were doing a little bonfire because they’ve done that before. ...Thirty minutes later I heard a big bang.”

The report said the owner of the truck could not be reached. The sheriff’s office is still investigating.

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